Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New patio furniture

Well, new to us anyway.

Mrs Notthat asked me Sunday morning what I had planned for the day. This is usually a loaded question indicating she has something in mind, and this time was no exception. As it turned out, I really had little planned - there was some golf tournament or other on TV and probably some sort of Super Bowl pre-pre-pre-game show (the Pro Bowl, travesty that it is, was on ESPN so I could not see it).

It turns out that, by way of Freecycle, she had found some patio furniture, a love seat and two chairs, that she wanted me to pick up. So I emptied the minivan, folded the seats down, and headed over to get the stuff.

When I got there, in addition to the love seat and two chairs, there was a coffee table, an end table, a wicker chair, and four new throw pillows - all more or less matching and all very suitable for being put under the deck's awning.

The woman getting rid of the stuff looked at the van, looked at the furniture, and asked how much of it I intended to put on the roof. It turned out that it all fit very nicely in the van.

There was even a bit of room left over, and before the woman could think of something else that we needed, I quickly closed the tailgate and headed home.

And here all the pieces are. All of it is in reasonably good shape and will work perfectly on the deck this summer.

Well, almost perfectly. It's actually a bit crowded, so we are getting rid of the pool table. We've had this junior-sized table for a few years (another of Mrs Notthat's Freecycle finds) and it has provided some entertainment (especially for the grandkids who like rolling the balls around or pretending they are dinosaur eggs - often at the same time), but not nearly enough to justify the floor space it requires.

So my Sunday ended up much more productive than planned, and I am OK with that. Next Sunday, however...

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

Nice looking stuff! As for next Sunday, I'll be in Orange County, watching the game while being stuffed (one assumes) with all the kind of food you're not allowed to eat any more. My nephew, the devout and die-hard Cowboys fan, will still be heartbroken and I don't care at all who wins, unless the Los Angeles Rams with Vince Ferragamo are playing.

tiger said...
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Andry said...
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