Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Grab Bag

Since I have nothing better to write about, here are some odds and ends that will clear off the table.

Just before I knocked the mud off our shoes and pants, I arranged this picture. And in getting ready for this weekend's walk, I found my Shuffle, which I had put away after last weekend's walk and forgotten about.

The other side looked just as bad. None of this mud has affected it though (other than making it a bit heavier).

This weekend's walk was to be on more muddy trails due to rain on Friday and Saturday, so Mrs Notthat and I opted to walk on the paved and gravel trails of our sister walking group. But when we showed up for that walk, it was steadily raining and neither of us wanted to spend a couple of hours in the rain, mud or not.

So we headed home, turned on the fireplace, and put a puzzle together. Sunday was dry and mostly sunny, so we headed out to Sawyer Camp Trail and walked 9 miles. Much better.

And that's about it.

Other than a big WHO DAT!!! (Yes, there was a football game yesterday, and for once, the right team won.)

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

Yes, a big Who Dat? from me too! I love it. Payton Manning and the Colts got conservative and boring and it cost them. I love it -- the team that took the chances is the World Champ! Laisses les bon temps roulez!

mary ann said...

I'm catching up now that msBook is back and ick, that mud. The are looking great and your flowers are fabulous!