Sunday, February 21, 2010

Catching up on some pictures

Following are a bunch of mostly unrelated pictures that I have been meaning to post, and since it is raining out, this is a good time to post them.

Darci's school, Orion here in Redwood City, has the kids create something for "100 Day" - the one hundredth day of school. Her and Grandma Betty made this from 100 flower petals. (Later she said she needed 100 coins in a sock. That sounded suspicious.)

The grandkids enjoying an unusually dry day out in the treehouse.

We installed a bird feeder. Riley was a bit disappointed that dozens of birds did not immediately show up.

Darci likes making large piles of leaves. The tree in our backyard doesn't understand the concept of fall - instead of losing all its leaves before winter, it just grows new ones in the spring and loses the old leaves as the new ones come in. That way it is always green, but it means we have to deal with dead leaves in the spring.

Riley and Darci enjoy the new deck furniture.

And of all things, they like climbing inside the coffee table.

The Boy took this picture showing the difference between the Race Car and his Jeep. And this is before he installed a lift kit on the Jeep.

The grandkids have a great time terrorizing Irbua (not her real name). Actually, so does The Boy. Sophie, Irbua's fluffy dog, is amazingly tolerant and stands guard.

Everyone acting very grown up.

Darci planted a bunch of pumpkin seeds which, bizarrely, are growing into baby pumpkin plants. This makes me start thinking about getting the garden in order (which will involve pulling a LOT of weeds and such that have taken over this winter).

And that's about it. It feels good to get (mostly) caught up!

That's it - move along...

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