Sunday, January 24, 2010

A moist week

Last week was wet. It rained every day, sometimes all day. I believe that Redwood City ended up with 5 to 6 inches over that period. Everything is soggy, but other than that, there was only one real weather-related tragedy at the Notthatlucas household: The Boy's Jeep lost most of its mud coating.

In fact it got to the point where The Boy decided to go for a clean start and washed off whatever mud the rain wasn't able to get to.

It turned out he had an ulterior motive though - he's hoping to get his new tires mounted soon and, employing skills picked up during his ongoing automotive education, felt that actually being able to find the lug nuts would make that process a bit easier.

Speaking of his new tires, they seem to have migrated from along the side of the house to under the already crowded deck awning.

I want to make a joke here about how, if these tires can't handle a bit of rain, they may not be exactly suitable for what he intends to put them through, but my guess is that mounting tires that are filled with water is discouraged. (Not that I have any formal automotive training.)

In any case, we are supposed to get some rain this afternoon and tomorrow, and maybe a bit on Wednesday, but all in all, things are looking a lot drier.

Which is good news - my parents in Pagosa Springs, Colorado (where newly transplanted Californians are going through the traditional "Dude! Are you kidding me? Like, what's with all this snow!" cry while post-holing through deep drifts to get to their nearest coffee bar) had 3 feet of new snow this week, with more on the way.

All this moisture is good, but I doubt anyone likes getting it all at once like this.
Although I'm noticing some new mud holes that I'm sure The Boy has also noticed. He better get those tires mounted quick.

That's it - move along...

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DAK said...

Tires on the back porch are a lot better than the Pennsyvania version: the whole car rusting out on what used to be the front lawn. You didn't let a little rain stop you from your hike to Europe and back yesterday, now did ya?