Saturday, January 9, 2010

Like father like son

The Boy has a knack for making me proud. Most of these times make Mrs Notthat roll her eyes.

Thursday, The Boy, along with a few friends, headed down to the off road park in Hollister. The Boy has known about this place for several years due to a DVD that a coworker passed along to him. This DVD showed extremely customized off road vehicles attacking a variety of obstacles at this park. Ever since watching this, The Boy has known that he was born to enjoy that place, and I'm sure that had more than a little to do with him wanting a Jeep Wrangler as his first vehicle.

The above picture shows him being perky after driving through a few small mud pits once they got there.

It turned out that not all of the mud pits were small. After I saw this picture I reminded him that on the DVD, none of those highly customized off road vehicles were able to get through this pit - the contest was to see how far they could get before having to be towed out.

Here's the thing - the park was mostly deserted, this being a weekday afternoon. Fortunately, after a bit one of the park people stopped by with a Bobcat and helped him get out. (They don't normally do this for liability reasons, but The Boy looked harmless enough so she helped out. Yes, she.)

He may never wash the Jeep again.

Even the inside was not spared.

The funny thing is that The Boy was still vibrating with happiness Thursday night. He was so excited and had so much fun, that I couldn't help but be proud - that could easily have been me back when I was his age.

There is one thing that might get him to wash the Jeep:

These new tires. Although I wouldn't put it past him to like the look of such a muddy Jeep having nice clean tires on it. You know how kids are these days.

That's it - move along...


mary ann said...

Although I could never understand you two, this was a great post!

DAK said...

Well when you said you were so very proud of him, for all the mud in the jeep, I now understand too. You two are two toads in a mud hole.

The Boy said...

Actually she didn't pull me out, she went and got the tow-strap and the guy with the bobcat.