Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A grandkid filled weekend

We had the grandkids over the weekend. Following are several pictures (not including those of the broken stroller-infested walk that have already been posted).

Riley is wearing my hiking boots. I love how kids like to wear shoes that are WAY too big for them.

Darci is styling in a pair of Mrs Notthat's running shoes.

This is a fairly unremarkable picture, except for the first letter. Darci wanted a letter "B" but couldn't find one. So she made one from an "I" and a "3." That kid is a bit scary.

The next day, after the stroller walk experience, Darci checked out the odd square, swiveling thing I added to the treehouse. She decided it is a window. She was unable to explain why it was there though.

They begged me to mow the grass so that they could ride on the mower. This looks a lot more frightening than it is, and a lot less fun than it apparently is.

A while ago I had convinced Darci that if she planted a few rocks, they would grow into rock plants. On Saturday when she checked the pot, there were plants growing in the it! She was so excited that she immediately started planting more rocks in other planters. I really have no idea if she actually believes they are growing or not, but she certainly had fun playing in the muddy dirt.

Then it was time to play Dinosaur Train. This involves me pulling them around in the wagon, making a variety of stops, and passing under the ladder which serves as the Time Tunnel. (If you've never seen the show, you need to gather up some grandkids and watch a few episodes. It is bizarre in so many ways, and yet the kids love it. What kid doesn't like dinosaurs and trains?)

Here the train has stopped on Tyrannosaurus Terrace and the two baby tyrannosaurs feasted on some carrion.

Later on, the baby t-rexs climbed on the Time Tunnel.

And finally they each took turns being pushed on the swing by Mrs Notthat. (I know, it's weird that this did not seem to have any tie-in to Dinosaur Train. I guess the kids were too worn out by then to figure that angle out.)

So it was a full, fun-filled weekend. And I totally forgot to take pictures of the odd cookies they made (which I have been assured look, and more frighteningly, taste exactly like play dough - I think they are fine, but I'm alone on that).

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

You have turned your yard into a theme park, plus the kids get to try on shoes of their choice. You may be the World's Number 1 grandparents.

blogmaid said...

DD beat me to the compliment. You and Mrs. Notthat are the coolest grandparents! Have you figured out a way to save these posts for them so that they can remember how cool you were when you won't give them money to buy a car?

notthatlucas said...

You guys are making me blush! I think we are actually pretty average grandparents; we try to provide fun things for them but we also rely on the TV when we get worn out and we do get aggravated with them occasionally. Nothing truly special.

And blogmaid, you really think any kind of evidence like this would have any impact on a hormone-infused teenager?

mary ann said...

My favorite is the shoe photo, but I know the blogmaid loves dinosaurs. And the dog should get extra treats for his patience.