Monday, January 25, 2010

Dressing for dinner

We had the grandkids for a bit yesterday.

On the way from the car to the front door, Darci found a worm (Hermie the Wormie I was told). So a bit of time was spent in the garden trying to find Hermie a playmate (we were successful). The salsa container actually has dirt and Hermie in it.

Note for concerned animal rights activists: Once Darci headed home, the worms were set free. I will be stunned if they survived her poking and prodding though. "Why aren't they moving? I'm going to wake them up. HE MOVED! He's not asleep anymore!" There's a reason there's no market for worm leashes.

Once it started raining (again) we headed inside and it was dress-up time. Here Riley is cuffing Darci for extreme misuse of feathers.

So Darci went back and modified the look a bit. (She told me that was a wash cloth on her head. And this seemed OK to her.)

And then Riley tricked himself out. The thing is, our dress-up bin skews more to things a little girl would like, so it's not like Riley has a lot of choice. Plus I think he knows it irritates Darci that he likes pink.

That's it - move along...


mary ann said...

I always love the "boy wears pink to irritate his sister" stories. You guys are brave to walk in this weather, it just so not pleasant.

DAK said...

You're a lucky man to have those grandbabies close by. And so nice that there have been NO hospital stories lately. Alevai! (I think that's my grandmother saying 'from your lips to God's ears.')