Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Some President B.O. stuff

Work set up a number of all day viewing rooms Tuesday so that we could watch whatever bits of the inauguration we wanted to. There were two bits I wanted to see - the swearing in bits (duh) and the parade. 

The only real reason I wanted to see the parade was because I could not believe that they were allowing the World Famous Lawn Rangers of Amazing Arcola take part in it. This is a group of usually well lubricated guys that march in whatever parade will let them. They push lawn mowers and wave brooms and plungers while wearing Lone Ranger masks and red graduation capes. They are not your typical Inaugural Parade participants. 

But Arcola turns out to be in Illinois. Even better, they have a picture of a pre-Senator Obama waving a plunger with them at a St Patrick's Day parade.

And Dave Barry is one of them. You can click here to read about how it went and see a short video clip of them in action. (I would join them in a heartbeat!) 

I really think this says something great about this new administration. It's a good sign.

So I watched the swearing in on a nice big projection screen. I went back later to catch the parade, but it was running just a little (WAY) behind schedule. I ended up watching the parade in a tiny window on my  computer at my desk - I sat through an amazing number of marching bands for 30 seconds of waving brooms badly weaving lawn mowers.

And I'd do it again.

That's it - move along...

PS: Gene Weingarten has a nice dissection of the weirdness of the fumbled swearing in process here

PPS: It's raining!

PPPS: And of course, since it's raining, I left the lights on the Race Car at work, and came out to a dead battery when I was ready to head home. I tried push starting it but gave up pretty quickly since it seemed to be uphill no matter which way I wanted to push it. A Miata isn't as close to being a go-cart as it looks. So I called AAA and they relatively quickly came and rescued me.


DAK said...

It's a good thing you don't live in Portland or you'd never get your car started. I love the Obama plunger.

Donny Bahama said...

How I became a World Famous Lawn Ranger (and you can, too!)

The short version is that I met the Ranger's strict criteria:
1. I was over 21
2. I showed up

The long version goes like this...
I was out with my wife, a friend of ours and our nephew at a Mexican restaurant in Old Town, San Diego. It was busy and the food was taking a long, long time, so I used that age-old trick of going to the restroom (even though I didn't feel the urge) in order to make the food come.

I navigated as directed to where the restrooms were supposed to be and found a major obstacle between me and the restroom... There was a long, long table I would have to go around, and seated at it were 30 or so middle-aged, drunken, unruly guys. As I attempted to circumnavigate one end of the table, one of the guys stopped me, wanting to buy my Hawaiian shirt - off my back. (It *is* a devastatingly cool shirt, but he offered me half what I paid for it.) After some more banter, I finally asked, "Who *ARE* you guys?"

"We're the World Famous Lawn Rangers from Amazing Arcola, Illinois!"

"Arcola?!" I said, "Why, I'm originally from Danville!"

"Well then," the Ranger replied, "you'll have to march with us in the parade tomorrow!"

The rest, as they say, is history. I called in sick the next day and went to march in a parade. Calling in sick to march in the parade became a tradition (and one I have passed on to some friends) though it's no longer necessary now that I am self-unemployed.

The moral of the story is: if you want to join the World Famous Lawn Rangers, plan a trip to San Diego at the end of December and (if you're over 21) you're in! (Bonus: The Rangers usually score tickets to the Holiday Bowl game!)

Be prepared, though, for the grueling two minute rookie camp. Don't sweat it too much, though- by that time you'll probably be feeling no pain due to the time honored Ranger tradition of pre-parade "mental preparation".