Thursday, January 29, 2009

Do I look like I've got "stupid" written on my forehead?

Don't answer that.

Remember last week when I told you about how I managed to run the Race Car battery down at work and had to get rescued by AAA? How I had left my lights on accidentally because of the rain, but had learned my lesson and would never do that again?

Tonight I went out after work and found I had done it again. Sort of.

I drove in to work today so that I could do some Pansy Day shopping. The weather is back to being great again (heavy sigh), so there was no need for me to turn on my lights, so there was no danger of me leaving them on.

One would think. 

Apparently while getting in and out of the car (which is no mean feat), I managed to turn on the parking lights and never noticed. All of our other cars will make obnoxious noises if you try to leave the car and have the lights on, but this sort of technology is beyond the fine engineers in Miataville, so the Race Car is perfectly content to let you walk away while its life slowly drains away.

This time I managed to get a couple of coworkers to help me. Xila (not his real name) tried to help me push-start it, which failed. Essitam, of flamethrower fame, had a set of jumper cables that managed to get the car going. (As far as the push-starting thing, Essitam mentioned that if the car has electronic fuel injection, pushing it won't work since there is no fuel flowing. I guess you know this stuff if your hobby is letting strangers shoot 50 foot flames for fun.)

So there you are. I've now got a set of jumper cables in the car now and this weekend I'm installing an aftermarket obnoxious noise maker that will warn me when I'm doing something stupid.

Well, at least with regards the headlights.

That's it - move along...


mary ann said...

I had a car once (the Honda?) and it did the same thing. It is sooooo annoying and I don't think you are Stupid in this regard, notthat...

DAK said...

How about walking away from the sink with the water still running, and not even noticing? This getting older thing is going to have lots of bumps in the road. Plus dead batteries.