Friday, January 23, 2009

Rangers, rain, and geeky humor

Every once in a while something happens on the internets that catches me a bit off guard. In my last post I talked about the World Famous Lawn Rangers from Amazing Arcola and their performance in the Inaugural Parade. Last night an actual Lawn Ranger commented on the post! I'm going along comfortably believing that there are maybe six or seven people that actually read this thing, and most of them are family and read it out of a sense of duty.

This internet thing is amazing!

So anyway, a big thanks to Donny Bahama (OK, that's a bit of a suspicious sounding name, but I guess it's no worse than Notthatlucas) for pointing out that there is a WFLRfAA blog site here (which I am adding to the list on my sidebar). And for listing the requirements to be an official Lawn Ranger. (After reading it, Mrs Notthat said that she said it sounded like it was just a group of guys that like to get together and drink. No, I don't see what her point is either.)

Earlier this week I whined a bit about how dry it has been here. How it has been so weirdly warm. I take it all back. It has been raining since Wednesday and the ground is actually becoming saturated. Mudslides cannot be that far away. We are still way behind in our season totals, but hopefully this is a good step in the right direction.

This is a picture of a pink carinthian tree that has started blooming in the courtyard of the building I work in. (Yes, I made up that name. I've really got no idea what kind of tree that is.)

Geeky humor alert: Today a guy at work sent out this picture of twins.

I don't know if these are his kids or not, but someone has a great sense of humor. And if you get the joke, then you too are just a bit geeky.

Pray for those poor kids.

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

I don't know about the Lawn Rangers thing, but the internet really does amaze me sometimes. And still, the blogspot spellcheck does not know the word 'internet.'

Mrs. Notthat said...

Tulip Tree or Tulip Magnolia - heard it both ways.

mary ann said...

Funny about the twins and our spell check should someday learn that Obama is an OK word.

Donny Bahama said...

And here I am reading your blog again! ;] As the WFLR webmaster, I regularly search for mentions of the WFLR for new posts to the group blog.

As for my name, it's a nickname given me for several reasons; if you're interested, my blog is at

Oh - Mrs. Notthat is correct, though, like you, I don't see her point.

Hope you can make it down to San Diego in December to march with the Rangers. (Come for a week and I'll help you find a nice vacation rental in the beautiful beachfront condo where Mrs. Bahama and I live. We'll show you around San Diego, too!)