Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday Grab Bag

I'm a bit behind on things, so here goes a bunch of pictures.

From earlier this week, before the torrential rains came in, we see the grandkids and The Boy hanging in the backyard. Darci wants to go higher, Riley sees a bug, and The Boy is thinking of pizza for dinner. And lunch.

This is a picture I took this morning of a pretty bloom on some random shrub we have growing in the backyard. Our "torrential" rain last night (maybe a tenth of an inch) was enough to get things pretty wet, but not enough to do all that much good. But it made it smell nice this morning and the plants seemed perky about it. (Note: It's a little unusual for us to get rain before November. Our last rain was probably back in March or so. This first rain tends to wreak havoc on the roadways since a whole summer's worth of road grime is turned into a slippery mess.)

This is a picture of Riley yesterday. laughing about a joke he just told IDT. (IDT is holding his nose with his paws - it must have been a joke about cats or squirrels.)

And now a couple of items stolen from WHM's blog thing. First, there is this amazing knitted thing.

On top of her classes and keeping the kids from ending up on America's Most Wanted, she knitted this stethoscope cozy. I can't decide if, as a patient, I would find this troubling or soothing if used by the nurse checking me out. Hopefully a patient won't find it convenient when they need to toss their cookies (not a technical medical term, probably).

And then there is this picture.

It always surprises me how terrified most kids are of large fuzzy things. This was from the SF Zoo Members Night Tour. I remember how WHM, as a little girl, wanted nothing to do with these sorts of characters. Darci (who just turned four!) is the same way. Riley is a bit braver though, and was willing to shake hands as long as WHM was there too.

And that gets me sort of caught up.

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

A stethoscope cozy? I want this woman to be my grandkids' doctor. I think TheBoy is not thinking about pizza at all, but about how nice it feels to be hangin' with his niece and nephew. And -- I believe that plant might be a single-flowered camelia, judging by the flower and the leaves behind it. Is it growing in some shade?

notthatlucas said...

Hmmm - it might be a camilia. Mrs Notthat is not sure but thinks that's reasonable. It is in a pretty shady area - is that good?

And trust me - he was thinking about pizza. Or maybe how to squeeze a V8 into the Corolla.

Also, I should mention to the others that dak is actually TGP - The Great Plotnik from the previous blog, and mary ann is mush from the previous bog. They both have their blogs on the same service I now do, so it automatically adds their names and links to their things.

mary ann said...

My favorite photo of all time is the grand boy telling the joke to that sweet dog who is so gentle and tolerant and probably hoping for an early nap.

WHM said...

the stethoscope cozy is completely removable and washable :) you should do a google image search for the stethoscope cozy's out there, most of them are these huge fabric crazy things, mine looks very mellow and trim next to them :)