Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Grab Bag - Moms, Burgers, and a Palin

Maybe Your Mom Should Work Here
I noticed yesterday that some idiot co-worker decided to chill their beverage quickly, so they put it in the freezer, then forgot about it. They did eventually remember since it was gone, but the mess it made when it exploded they quietly left behind.

We have some amazing slobs working here. They create a mess in the microwave or spill coffee on the counter or cause trouble any number of ways and just walk off. There are cleaning people that will take care of a lot of this, but it might take a while for them to notice. Especially in the freezer.

By the way, that really is a five gallon container of chocolate frozen yogurt - below it is the same thing in vanilla. These are left over from an event in June. A few of us are bold enough to nibble on these (I love an occasional Coke Float in the afternoon). I'm happy to report that these two containers were not harmed by the exploding mystery beverage.

Jeffrey's Hamburgers and Ketchup
Our favorite burger joint is Jeffrey's Hamburgers in Menlo Park. The only downside is that they are extremely popular, which means long lines and a bit of a competition to find a table. And none of this is done in hushed voices - families come here to have a great burger and enjoy themselves. The grandkids and their extreme rambunctiosness would hardly be noticed.

The thing is, you don't always want all that activity - you just want a burger and fries. Last night Mrs Notthat called in a to go order for the first time, and it worked great. She managed to get us a close parking place and we walked right past the long line waiting to place their orders, picked up our bag of joy, and headed home. We had three fantastic burgers (well, two and half - Mrs ordered a garden burger), and order of fries, and an order of onion rings. We also had all these condiments.

There are 21 packets of ketchup there. We had three (two and a half) burgers, one small order of fries and one small order of onion rings. That's a lot of ketchup. I did not count the salt and pepper packets, but there were at least 20 of each. I spent this morning opening each one and emptying it into our salt and pepper shakers while catching up on blog reading.

Just, wow. This happens with take out Chinese food and pizza as well (we've got containers in the cabinet filled with soy sauce, grated cheese, and red pepper flake packets), but usually not to this extreme. I don't understand why these places don't at least just ask first if you even want the stuff. These things can't be cheap and they are extremely wasteful with all their packaging.

But man, that was a good burger.

Palin as President
There is an awful lot of Palin humor out there, although I think her showing up on Saturday Night Live tonight might be jumping the shark a bit.

Not that that will stop me or anyone else devoted to our favorite little Sno Cone.

Here is a site that is fun for a few minutes. Just move your mouse around and click on various items. Some items, like the door and the globe, do a few different things, so it is worth clicking them several times.

Go nuts!

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

NotThat, first off let me say I'm sorry about the Dodgers' loss. I know you were pulling for them.

Now -- did you really take the salt from the packets and pour each one into your home salt shaker? Have the salt mines run out on the peninsula? Is there a shortage we don't feel yet 'way up here?
I think salt costs around 95 cents for a fifty five gallon drum, so it can't be about money. Nah, this is a joke. Good joke. Hah hah hah. Fooled me.

notthatlucas said...

dak - it's the principle of the thing (if you look closely at the picture you can see the salt and pepper packets have all been opened). The packets are paper so they got recycled.

Also, thanks for outing me as pulling for the Dodgers. That was our (well OK, and a few other's) secret. And it was a one time deal.

mary ann said...

One of my tasks at work is to clean the break room every Sunday morning and that includes tossing all the crap they leave in there. I don't even use the break room, but I think it's bad for morale to have it so messy. My fave are the big 10 lb. bags of "food for the week" that takes up all the space and then the worker forget about it and blah, blah, blah...