Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Read the fine print!

In what should have been, by all rights, a nearly fatal accident, I ended up on the McCain website this morning. (Note that I am not providing a link to it just in case you might be eating or driving or doing something else that might not go well with how looking at that particular website might affect your stomach. You are welcome.)

I saw the fine print and decided to investigate.

Honestly, this explains a few things. I think.

That's it - move along...

PS: I thought of this joke a few weeks ago, but it was so obvious I was just sure I would see something like it somewhere. My guess is that the sort of people that might find this sort of thing funny are currently too busy being horrified by what is coming out of the McCain/Palin camp. They certainly would not intentionally go to that website.


DAK said...

Well that does it for me. No polkas? I am not voting for none of them perky winky candidates what don't like polkas. And where is "Tell Laura I Love Her" and them other songs about dead people?

WHM said...

hehehehe that's pretty good :)

have you seen the Palin Flow Chart? I love thato ne.

notthatlucas said...

dak - I would have added polkas if I had thought of it.

whm - nice. Here are two other things I've seen today. Kind of obvious and simple but fun.

(No, I don't spend every waking moment trying to find this sort of thing - they keep showing up on the company's humor list.)

mary ann said...

I just heard on the radio that McCain mentioned Lieberman 4 times last night and did not say "Palin" once.
Odd, no?

WHM said...

those are funny, I put those up on my journal as well. I put a short little video that's hilarious, Disney's Palin.

I got my absentee ballot, and I'm planning on filling it out soon, so when the pesky calls come in I can just say I'm all done :) just waiting for the leauge of women voter's presentation at church, I really liked it last year, they did a good unbiased representation of each of the props then after they went through them all they said what they endorsed. it was cool.