Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Warm weather and grandkids

What a difference a week or two makes. We are now in a warm period that should last at least until February. Add in a smidgen of grandkids, some cardboard tubes, and you get some fun outdoor pictures.

But first we have The Boy, again getting ready to add some improvements to Hey Jude the Jeep. Among other things, he is adding these heavily reinforced hubcaps (or something like that).

Riley decided it was time to get serious with those old cardboard tubes that have somehow survived two winters and everything the grandkids have dished out.

Verifying the seismic safety of the structure.

Darci using her tongue to help with precision tube alignment.

Shortly after getting everything just right, it was decided that an elevated layout was the way to go.

Mrs Notthat took advantage of the nice weather and did some weeding. Her and Darci also picked a bunch of carrots, which the two grandkids proceeded to eat before anyone else had a chance.

Old Dog Teddy checking out the embarrassingly neglected garden. It's tempting to start working on this thing (the garden, not ODT), but it's still winter and bad weather is surely still to come.

Darci practicing using her new baton. ODT wisely kept a wide berth.

Riley explaining the basic concept of "I was here first!" Note the usage of his tongue to add a bit of charm to his explanation. (Shortly after this picture, Darci explained the basic concept of "I'm older and bigger so IT'S MY TURN!")

The Boy starting the disassembly process of Sexy Sadie the Jeep's front end. New axels, u-joints, some random gears, and who knows what else should make this thing perkier than ever.


That's it - move along...


Mrs. Notthat said...

It was a beautiful day. Thanks for documenting it!

DAK said...

A) I'm happy to see PG&E working on Darci's welds.

B) I see in the bkg of your garden photos that YOU HAVE OXALIS HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

C) The Boy needs to work on MY car.