Friday, January 14, 2011

Pirates, princesses, perky pilots, and one-eyed cars

This has been one of those weeks, which works out to this blog's favor since it resulted in a few bloggable events.

Riley the Serious Pirate has captured Darci the Queen and Camren the Princess, neither of which seem to understand their peril.

OK, maybe Riley is not such a Serious Pirate after all.

The Boy's cat took the Pirate, Queen, and Princess seriously though, and hid on top of her house.

And even though it was raining out, Old Dog Teddy wisely stayed out of their way too. (He's under the awning, so it's dry, but the cold, damp air couldn't have felt good to his tired old bones.)

Mrs Notthat "volunteered" ("was pressed into service because she has a van that seats eight") to drive some of Darci's first grade class to the Hiller Aviation Museum. We have never been to this place, even though it is very close to us (in San Carlos).

Darci the Pilot explaining how a bag of pretzels can be considered an in-flight meal. (It never ceases to amaze me how complicated these cockpits are. Almost as complicated as Facebook's privacy settings.)

Darci told me that they did not leave the keys in it. And she asked about the Pink Angels - surely there are Pink Angels, right?

And lastly, we got the repaired Corolla back yesterday. They appear to have done a great job (although I just noticed they added their license plate frame to complete the job). The one issue is that there is a bit of a difference between the two headlights - the old one on the right is suffering from seven years of wear and tear, and is less than optimal. The new one on the right, well, is new. $200 will make the old one new again. (We've tried using a variety of things to polish the old lights, but there is no way it will ever look right compared to the other one.)

Serious Pirate Riley thinks we should just put an eye patch on it. Arrrrrrr!

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

An eye patch would be perfect! It's The Week of Fixing Things. I really did think you wrote "The Hitler Aviation Museum."

mary ann said...

I like the FB line, v. funny. Good photos too!