Monday, January 10, 2011

Legos, views, orchids, and a perky Jeep

Miscellaneous flim flam from the last week or so.

We lead off with a picture of the grandkids, guaranteed to bring a smile! Mrs Notthat has an eye for picking up Lego sets at garage sales and such, so we have a great selection of Lego things that the kids love to scatter all over. (There is an "action" piece that Riley uses to launch pieces across the room. These pieces are later found by anyone daring to walk around barefoot.)

Those of you that wonder what sort of weirdness drives Mrs Notthat and I to go on long, often muddy and hill-infested hikes should look at this picture. It wasn't what you would call warm (well, unless you are in Colorado right now), but it was a fine day for walking along the coast for 8.5 miles.

A consequence of these sorts of hikes is that our footwear gets a bit muddy. So on Sunday I finally got around to hosing everything off. Hopefully these will dry out by next Saturday. And be caked with mud again by Saturday evening.

We have three orchids along the kitchen window sill. Each looks good on its own, but they've never done this before - all bloomed at the same time. The one on the right is a pansy orchid, the other two are purple. And none are edible.

The big news yesterday was that The Boy got Let It Be the Jeep up and running after working on it for a bit over a month (loyal readers will remember that its rear-end self-destructed back in early December). Here he is taking it out for it's first test drive.

Extremely alert readers will note the front end of the red Corolla to the left of the drive way. While Rocky Raccoon the Jeep was under the weather, The Boy drove this car to work. One day a few weeks ago, a soon to be ex-employee very enthusiastically backed a customer's SUV out of an oil change bay and directly into the front of the Corolla.

Today the Corolla goes into the shop for a week of loving care and attention. Hopefully it will also get some counseling since it now cringes anytime it is left alone in a parking lot.

That's it - move along...

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mary ann said...

Nice post and good to catch up. I'm curious about orchids. We have one in the down stage ~ how long does this last? Do I keep watering or let it rest? I hear that there are places to put orchids when they aren't doing the job they were hired to do. Like a special garden nursery hospital. The are REALLY good looking (too).