Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It certainly seemed longer at times

Warning: This is going to be a long and boring post of interest only to me and, well, probably just me. Feel free to go spend some quality time at YouTube. Or my favorite dirty magazine.

This post is to wrap up our 2010 race season. I spent an absurd amount of time making this spreadsheet:

I doubt you'll be able to read anything in it, even if you double-click it to make it larger. So here are the highlights:

• I was at 18 events this year (three as a volunteer).

• I went a total of 208.79 miles in 52 hours, 48 minutes, and 2 seconds (which works out to a 15.17 minute/mile average - there is no reason to alert the US Olympic Committee).

• I climbed 23,231 feet.

• My entry fee cost per mile worked out to $3.05 (which would have been higher, but two of my volunteering efforts resulted in free races).

And here is all my bling from the year.

(I've got plans for a display for these that I hope to put together before the 2011 race season ends.)

Mrs Notthat's vital statistics:

• She was at 15 events this year.

• She went a total of 130.1 miles in 41 hours, 51 minutes, and 52 seconds (which works out to a 19.30 minutes/mile average).

• She climbed 12, 994 feet.

• Her entry fee cost per mile was $4.83 (it's much more cost effective to do the longer races - that should be a marketing pitch!).

And here is all of her bling for the year.

There were many highlights throughout the year, but here are the ones that come to mind (in chronological order):

• That first Brazen race we did, the New Years Run, was the spark for the whole year. We really had no idea what to expect, but it was a blast and the Krispy Kremes at the finish line sealed the deal! (There were only two Brazen events I missed this year, both due to being out of town for family things. Hopefully the family will know better this year.)

• That second Brazen race we did, the Winter Bear Creek, was certainly one of the most fun. The mud was astonishing, but even more astonishing was Mrs Notthat and Ann doing the whole Half Marathon when they were given a relatively easy way to shorten it to a 10K.

• The Avenue of the Giants Marathon was our only overnighter, and it was a lot of fun, with both Andrew and Ann making the trip. It was Mrs Notthat's first Full Marathon. For a hill- and trail-free road event, it was a blast.

• The Wharf to Wharf event in Santa Cruz also was a fun and goofy road event that we will be signing up for again next year.

• The Brazen Bad Bass event was probably my favorite of the whole year. Joining Mrs Notthat and I were both of our kids, our daughter's husband, both grandkids, and to add a little Ohio spice, two cousins who flew out for the race. There were lots of winners of age group medals and, even better, no injuries! (Especially surprising for Jesse and Raven who both did the Half Marathon with me - their first event ever and they both finished in well under three hours.)

• The Brazen Rocky Ridge event was memorable because it nearly killed me. The only reason I finished was Stubborn Paul who dragged me, kicking and screaming, up that last hill.

• We only had two events where we had to slog through rain, and both were this winter (Brazen Diablo Trails Challenge and the Zombie Runner Bay Trail Race). I'm more than happy to not have any more of those for a bit.

OK, one more shot at the bling:

That's it - move along...

PS: Hopefully it goes without saying that the above stats are dwarfed by the amount of miles and elevation covered doing training hikes and such. I'm not nearly anal enough to work out those figures.

PPS: Just for my own purposes, I'm going to add links to my blog posts for each of the events.

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Brazen Bay Breeze
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Avenue of the Giants
Apple iWalk
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Wharf to Wharf Santa Cruz
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Brazen Summer Breeze
Brazen Drag-n-Fly
Brazen Rocky Ridge
Brazen Diablo Trails Challenge
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PCTR Woodside
Brazen Summit Rock
Zombie Runner Bay Trail

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DAK said...

It was a very good year (still is) my friend. You and Mrs. That changed your entire world. Amazing and wonderful, and not only that -- it's good for you!