Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cutting the fudge, one leg at a time

Following are a bunch of mostly unrelated things, thrown together to get me caught up a bit. In order (probably):

I woke up Tuesday morning to find Mrs Notthat in bed with another man. Monday night was to be a slumber party of sorts at our house. Real life, as it often does, got in the way of those plans and in the end, Darci spent the night at neighbor Selma's house and Riley stayed here with us. And so that everyone would (more or less) get a good night's sleep, I slept on the foldout while Riley slept with Mrs Notthat. And the plan worked. More or less.

Mrs Notthat made fudge. When a recipe says it will make 52 servings, she makes sure there are 52 reasonably equal servings, even if it involves a bit of math and a ruler. (The fudge was great, by the way, and weirdly had no pumpkin in it.)

Friday was special in a couple of ways: Neither I nor The Boy had to work, and it wasn't raining. So time was spent working on Hey Jude the Jeep. The axel is now mostly in place with just a few odds and ends to tie up. He's dying to get this thing All Together Now.

A box arrived from my parents for the grandkids. Given the time of year it is, my guess is that it contains pumpkin fudge and snow. Darci was extremely excited. "Have you ever felt a heavier box in your life?" she asked.

As they say, everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time. Nobody says much about which leg in which hole though. Riley is not much into details like that.

But he did correct the issue as soon as it was pointed out.

There's no way this look doesn't send shivers up your spine. It's like he has pulled a prank and he can't wait for it to be discovered.

Meanwhile, Darci drew this. It's a picture of Mrs Notthat, inexplicably with purple, out-of-control hair. I asked about the circles with checkmarks on the bottom; the small one on the right shows you how to put a checkmark in the circle on the left, and since she figured we would get it wrong, she just went ahead and added the checkmark on the left for us.

Smart kid.

That's it - move along...

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DAK said...

Yup, you're right, can't figure out why Darci would draw a picture of a lady with purple hair, nope, can't figure it out.