Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Surviving the grandkids

The grandkids are not actually all that bad. They are often fun and cute. But sometimes - wow.

Since Mrs Notthat is still off enjoying the wonders of Texas (picture a purple cowboy hat, a plate full of beanless-TexMex food [which could maybe get her shot there], and an iPod full of Willie Nelson) with her sister Duuuaaannnnn and her family, I was drafted in as the watcher of the grandkids yesterday.

But first, I went out with the SJ Fit group and got some hill work in.

In spite of what this picture might lead you to believe, there was little time spent standing around and much sweating was done. We met at 7 AM and there were already an astonishing number of people out there. It was nice and cool and uneventful. (Code for "no snakes.")

Once I got home, the grandkids showed up. The first thing Riley noticed when he walked in the door were the slingshot launch gliders that Mrs Notthat had picked up for them. It took them a bit to master flying the things, but soon they were having fun aiming at Teddy and their grandfather.

There were tense moments off and on, with one particularly gnarly Riley moment, but I guess the day went OK. Almost no injuries and the house is still standing.

One interesting bit was that Darci decided to learn to ride a two wheel bike. I worked with her a little bit, but it was really the neighbor kid Selma that Darci wanted lessons from. Finally, her and Selma were together in the driveway, and the lesson went something like this:

"First, you sit on the bike like this" said Selma, sitting on her bike with one foot on the ground.

"Next, you put the other foot on its pedal" which, since Darci's bike has a coaster brake, she naturally pushed backwards on, locking her brake.

"And then you push off and start pedaling, trying not to fall over." Darci said "This sounds easy!" and almost immediately fell over. I'm glad she wants to learn though, and hopefully will get to work with her more next week.

As for the rest of this week, The Boy and I are flying to St Louis and then heading to majestic Cuba MO to meet up with Mrs Notthat and a lot of her family for a reunion of sorts. There will be a lake to play in and almost for sure WAY too much food to eat.

Oh, and there might be a little heat.

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

What is Cuba MO?

notthatlucas said...

DAK: It's a town in Missouri famous for having been visited by Harry S. Truman on a tour of Historic (and largely currently missing) Route 66. I'm surprised at how many towns named "Cuba" there are in the US.

Mrs. Notthat said...

The cowboy hat is pink and has a tiara on it! It is adorable!!!!!

notthatlucas said...

...and Willie Nelson is singing Enya songs. (The tiara was a nice touch!)