Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cuba Missouri day three: more people show up

Shortly after we left the lake house and headed to our motel around midnight on Thursday, two more families arrived. (If my math is correct, I believe there were 13 people and a dog all staying at the lake house by Saturday night. Yikes!)

Note: The blog post for day four will include a group shot where I will explain who all these people are (probably incorrectly).

It was still raining when we woke up, but it soon quit and ended up being a nice day. In any case, we showed up Friday morning to a much more rambunctious house.

Here The Boy is playing with Cash (named after Ynnhoj), a remarkably well behaved bundle of energy that belongs to Netsirk (to the right of The Boy's head) and Ecurb (who is in the next picture).

There was a group of ten-year-old boys that by the end of the event were all being called Moe. This is Etat, holding a piranha that he had just caught. Ecurb managed the fishing aspect of the morning. Many of these fish were caught, although most were small enough to put in an aquarium.

The ski boat ran out of gas and had to be towed in by the pontoon boat. I was amazed this sort of thing didn't happen more often, especially with the jet ski that rarely sat idle.

The one boat guaranteed to not run out of gas. This is the first real test of the dolly.

Which it failed. Note that my welds were fine and the ones that broke were older. This meant that later on I got another shot at the arc welder.

Mrs Notthat, Ddot, and near professional sailor Ylime heading out.

Much time was also spent swimming in the lake. It took a bit of skill to keep your beer above the water, plus you had to drink it fast since it would warm up quickly.

Leinad with a couple of Moes on the jet ski. This makes four different boats we had in the lake at any one time.

One of the more interesting meals were these "walking tacos." You took a bag of Doritos, scrunched it up a bit, then dumped in whatever taco "fillings" you wanted. You then used a fork to eat it out of the bag - very little cleanup! Very observant readers will note that the porch swing that Ylime and Duuuuaaannnn are sitting on is about to coming crashing down. I don't blame them (publicly).

And of course there were fireworks. Note the burned spot on the grass. I don't know how they did it, but they managed to set a very damp lawn on fire.

So that about wraps up Friday. It was great that the weather cooperated (no rain, not too hot or humid). It was also great that nobody got seriously hurt (other than a mild sunburn or two). Now on to day four.

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

Ya know -- I'll bet it's really good to be home. But what are the couple of Moes' real names? Seom? Both of them?


What a great time! Thanks for posting Allen! DAK- the three 10 year olds were Tate, Grant and Bayen. Also, a 12 year old named Skylan. They kept things lively. Like the time Grant put firecrackers into the pit fire and I got shot at like a German on V day!