Sunday, July 4, 2010

Grandkids, flowers, and now snake free!

This first picture shows the grandkids modeling the outfits that Mrs Notthat picked up for them from Key West.

I'm not sure what Key West had to do with Riley's dinosaurs, but he liked it.

I then took Darci and Riley, along with Teddy the dog, for a hike at Bayfront Park. Darci is smelling the fennel that are currently WAY taller than her, or even me.

Darci strutting up the hill with a stick. Note their stylish hats.

Mrs Notthat is off in Texas to help her sister Duuaaaaannnnn at a conference there, so The Boy and I are on our own for a few days. Friday I went with ex-coworker Lehcar (not her real name) for a nice hike at Rancho San Antonio.

We were greeted by this family of turkeys. The babies were big enough to no longer be cute, but small enough to still need a car seat. (I don't understand that line either. Sorry.)

Me standing under a canopy of curvy trees.

Surprisingly, the creeks were still running and there were still a lot of wildflowers out. Like these that Lehcar said were called Farewell to Spring.

Lehcar didn't know what these were, but they were very impressive.

And these. Any of you botanists want to take a guess at what they are?

One special thing that happened after the walk was that the snake that's been hanging out in The Boy's room is now back hanging out at the grandkid's house.

The snake was temporarily moved to its old glass enclosure, where it was very apparent that it had grown a lot in that new enclosure we built for it. I'm just thrilled to be able to dig through the freezer and not come across a bag full of rats. And The Boy's cat, whose name has changed again (it was Bugsy at the shelter, he changed it to Skittles in an effort to be ironic, and then changed it to Shadow or something like that now once he got tired of trying to explain Skittles as the name) is now able to stretch out a bit more.

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

Don't know what the flowers are but they appear to be related. Giants in 15, oi. I've got a feeling Sabean is going to do something drastic and that might not make anybody happy.

mary ann said...

Oh, love the new outfits! And the turkeys,curvy trees and not the snake or dead rats.