Friday, June 18, 2010

Ponies, ropes, and boats

Here are a few grandkid pictures from earlier in the week.

The Boy picked up this cat condo thing off of Freecycle. It needs a little work, but otherwise should give his cat another thing to destroy. Darci is helping to remove some of the rope that a previous cat shredded.

She managed to get a big enough chunk of rope off that her and Riley could have a tug of war. (Actually, I believe they were trying to do a jump rope thing, but have some issues with the concept.)

The next day Mrs Notthat took them to the San Mateo County Fair. There were a number of good pictures, but these two really captured the highlight for them - riding the ponies.

In other news, Mrs Notthat and I are flying to Miami on Sunday so that we can get on a boat and test my ability to avoid getting seasick. We are going as part of a class reunion sort of thing (35 years!). Here's a map showing our route.

We will float from Miami to Key West to Cozumel and back. The red asterisks indicate predicted points where I will have issues and will be producing chum. (Yes, I know - these massive cruise ships are as smooth as a California freeway and I won't even know we are on the open sea. I'll let you know on Friday how all that worked out. And I know how "smooth" our freeways are.)

So you might not hear much from me after tomorrow.

Unless you are in the cabin next door.

That's it - move along...

PS: Actually they have an internet plan on board that involves me handing them a large sum of money and them hooking me up to a 9.6KBaud dial up modem. I probably won't be able to resist.

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DAK said...

I'm excited about trip! I hope you can get time to walk around Key West but you have to get away from the dock area which is like ten Hiltons on top of each other and they're all boats. Forget any planned events and go to Hemingway's house and see the fabulous old cottages. And you'll love Cozumel -- again, if you can get away from the overbuilt boat docking area. You MUST pay the money for the modem. Use the money you're not spending on cable tv.