Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cruise Day Four

This day was entirely at sea, heading back to Miami. I was determined to get a bit of exercise in, so I woke up a bit early and headed up to the "Olympic" jogging track.

I knew it was an "Olympic" track because they said so.

I'm pretty sure it's just me, but I found this sign at the track to be extremely confusing. First, on the left it says "Approximately one status mile." I have no idea what a "status mile" is, and Google was little help. At the bottom it shows how many feet and meters make up a status mile, at the top it lists how long a lap is (in yards and meters - yes, they expect you to do math to convert from feet to yards), and then it says how long eleven laps is. In looking again at this just now, I realize that the "Approximately one status mile" bit belongs to the "eleven laps" line.

So it is just me.

I had tried to be relatively quiet as I snuck out (it was about 7:30 AM), but apparently I wasn't quiet enough as Mrs Notthat surprised me by showing up a bit later. One thing that surprised both of us was how windy it was - there was no way I could wear my hat. My theory is that the wind was mostly due to the direction we were heading; we were probably going with the wind before and so didn't notice it as much.

So the two of us abused the track for a bit then headed down to breakfast. We were still early enough to beat the rush and have a nice leisurely meal on the deck.

At lunch we met up with Yendor again. (He was the star of the first night's karaoke event, talked about in the Cruise Day One post.)

He came over and we talked for quite a while. It turns out he has a weekend band (he drives a truck during the week) so it wasn't exactly a fluke that he was so entertaining. He was on the boat with 48 other family members for a reunion - I can't imagine trying to coordinate that many people for something like this. In any case, we promised to come to the karaoke bar that night to hear him one more time (his family members kept signing him up to do songs - he was generally caught by surprise, but I'm sure loved the attention). I don't know if it was him or not, but the karaoke bar was much fuller that night than it had been the first night.

During this part of our voyage, we were sliding by Cuba. You couldn't really see it without binoculars, but if you use your imagination, you can vaguely see it on the horizon.

(Just pretend, OK?)

At dinner that night, our waiter Miller (who we had a long discussion with about whether that was his first or second name - it was his first) made us a boat out of a napkin. This was before Eiluj smacked him, which is a picture I deeply regret not having.

Mrs Notthat and I went to another musical show after dinner before heading over to the karaoke bar for the last couple of singers, including Yendor's last song, Mustang Sally, in which he got at least 20 women to join him on stage.

And that was it for the day. We set out two of our bags which were collected and we would pick up in the terminal after we docked. The next day was going to be long with us getting off the ship and flying three legs back to San Jose.

That's it - move along...

PS: Here is a picture I forgot to add to the previous post. This is a picture of a picture that was taken as we left the ship to head to the snorkel adventure.

I had no nose water at this point.

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DAK said...

I'm glad you're home. Can't say the cruise ship looks all that much fun to me, but it would really be cool with a lot of friends aboard. Still can't get over the hairy chest contest.