Wednesday, June 9, 2010

All Skittles, all the time

The Boy has now had his Skittles for nearly three weeks, so an update seems a bit overdue. The cat still mostly hangs out in his room, but is getting a bit better about being in other rooms.

Last weekend, The Boy and Mrs Notthat went camping in Yosemite. I thought I would do a nice thing and let the cat sleep in my bedroom. As soon as I brought her in the room, she bolted for under the bed and stayed there. Until I turned off the lights - within minutes she had attacked the fake plant and tried to shred a stuffed chair down to its wooden frame. When I turned the light back on, she was calmly laying on the chair, looking cute and innocent. Ten seconds later she was back in The Boy's room, trying to find things to destroy.

The Boy sleeps in a loft bed that even a cat cannot climb up to. So we made a ramp she could use.

At first, Skittles was not so sure about the thing.

Now she's an old pro on it. She spends the nights annoying The Boy and weirdly likes laying at the base of it. (That's the snake cage on the left. The cat has noticed the snake but so far has not figured out how to get in there with it. Yet.)

A fun thing is that Irbua (not her real name) has moved back to Redwood City from The North Country. She stopped by and bonded with Skittles. Irbua then gave the cat a kilo or so of catnip. The Boy then tormented the cat with a laser pointer.

(Alert readers will notice the laser spot just to the left of Teddy's paw.) Teddy was not in the least interested in the laser, but then he hadn't just pounded down all that catnip. Surprisingly, there are no hostilities between the dog and cat - just lots of sniffing.

And we close with a picture of Mrs Notthat and Skittles. Only one of which is still feeling a bit of a buzz.

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

Well, duh! The photo of Mrs. That and Skittles shows whose cat is whose now, no doubt about it.

mary ann said...

What an adorable kitty. I know you are kidding about the shredding and bad behavior. Silly you...