Sunday, August 23, 2009

Recycling garage doors

Our house has an old, one-piece garage door. I've disliked it for a long time - it swings out wide when you open it plus it limits how you stack your boxes of important stuff (such as boxes containing other boxes) on the inside of the garage. (We live in California where you are required to put just about anything in your garage, as long as it is not a car.)

About a year ago, maybe two, Mrs Notthat found a bit more modern used garage door on, which has been lying in pieces alongside our house since then. Since I took this week off to work on projects around the house, it was hard for me get out of actually going through with installing this thing, so I tackled it today.

Here is the current garage door.

Here is the new door, laid out in sections with one of the panels installed as a test. Note the old garage door alongside the house - we are not exactly sure what is happening with it yet. I doubt that Freecycle will help with it though.

The only real injury of the day.

The new door installed. Sort of.

Note that the top panel does not quite close right. The problem is that the garage has too low of a ceiling for this door. This was an unanticipated issue, but I have some thoughts about how to work around this. Also, the door currently takes at least two strong people to open. There is a spring assist thing that still needs to be installed, but before that can happen, we need to be able to open the door all the way.

And this gas line is keeping that from happening. I'll get a professional to handle moving it out of the way, and then finish the installation.

Or more likely, to run into the next blocking issue.

That's it - move along...


Mrs. Notthat said...

Sorry it was so much work. One thing to remember is it saved lots and lots of money. Thanks!

DAK said...

Obviously, you forgot to adjust the Jimmy. If you flammer that gas line just two centidoozles, you can flange the top of the flannel above the panel, and then it will all drop easily into place. But your garage will still be filled with crap.

mary ann said...

good for you!