Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Boy does good!

The Boy has had his issues with grades - he has a knack for doing enough work to do OK, but is generally not a threat to become class valedictorian. When he applied to join the Skyline College Automotive Program, he was told he was on academic probation due to some less than flattering grades in a previous math class, which actually meant it was a bit dicey whether they would accept him.

All of that made the letter he got a week or so ago that much sweeter - he made the Dean's List for the Spring 2009 semester! Altogether, only 518 students out of 9,395 got this honor.

This is a great accomplishment for him, and a testament to how much he likes this program. Classes start again in a couple of weeks and he is actually looking forward to them.

So a big congratulations to Jesse for this achievement!

Now go and figure out what that noise is in the Corolla.

That's it - move along...

PS: It was a bit ironic that when he went to start the Race Car this morning, it had a dead battery. I guess being on the Dean's List does not really give him magical powers.


Diane said...

Great post, Allen. Way to go Jesse!!!!!!!!

DAK said...

Double way to go, Jesse, who from now on can be known as Boy Brilliant. Or TheBoy Brilliant.

mary ann said...

very cool indeed ~ congrats to all of you, especially Jesse!