Sunday, August 30, 2009

A boat and some water

While Weird Haired Mom was at the hospital helping out a friend in labor, we got to watch the grandkids for the afternoon on Saturday. It was a very hot day, so what could be better than a boat and some water?

Riley thought this was a great idea. Darci, however, was horrified. She could not believe that I was so clueless about how a boat is supposed to work. Riley was funny while filling it - he kept asking "It full now?"

"No Riley, not yet."

"It full now?"

"No, not quite yet."

"It full now?"

And so on. And on. And on.

Finally, it was full (enough), and Riley quickly changed into his swim trunks, grabbed his bath toys, and jumped in. Darci was a bit reluctant for some reason, but eventually she got in too.

Isn't it funny how little brothers have a knack for annoying big sisters?

Darci inexplicably decided she was a ballerina and proceeded to walk around the edge of the boat. She is very proud of her balancing ability.

Darci wanted the boat to be in the sun. She tried pulling it but failed. She then asked Riley to help. So he went to the other end of the boat and pulled.

After a bit they worked out that they both needed to be at the same end of the boat.

The boat refused to budge, and mean old grampa wouldn't help since the last thing he wanted was for the boat to be in the sun. (It was in the 90s in the shade!)

After all that effort, they settled for a hot dog lunch with Mrs Notthat.

In the end, the boat successfully acted like a very rugged and interesting wading pool. Unless you were Idiot Dog Teddy, where the pool seemed more like a very large water dish.

That's it - move along...

PS: Many thanks to Nwad (not her real name) for sitting with the kids so we could head off to our Beatles concert and WHM could stay for the birth.


DAK said...

Your PS intrigues me. Though it was certainly nice of Nwad, 1) How could you see a Beatles concert? 2) Who got born?

notthatlucas said...

DAK - see my FB post
about the Beatles thing. They were actually a very good cover band with a full symphony.

WHM's friend had a boy named Haimerej. It was a bit ironic that the kid was born in the same hospital that WHM has done some of her nursing work, so she knew all about how things worked there.

mary ann said...

I like this post everso much better than the ones that detail the building of a chic condo for an icky snake.