Friday, July 3, 2009

Tie-undying, short hair, and temporary bachelorhood

I have a shirt that long ago got a few bleach spots on it. Being super picky about my fashion statements, I rarely wore it due to these spots.

(Look hard at the cuff on the right and along the bottom.) I mentioned to a coworker that I would like to do the opposite of a tie-dye with it - a tie-bleach thing. She happened to have a book that explained how to do this, so I gave it a try today.

Here is what it looked like after I tied it up but before I added the bleach. I thought it would be a good idea to get the shirt wet before doing this, but in retrospect that might have been a bad idea since it was impossible to tell where I had put the bleach as I was applying it. The book said to use one part bleach to three parts water, but that did not seem to do much so I then tried a one to one ratio, which seemed to cause things to happen.

I used the crinkle method (just walk your fingers like a spider, scrunching up the shirt as you go) and this is what I ended up with. I believe this will pass my discriminating fashion palate in flying colors.

(Note: They have you rinse the shirt in a vinegar/water solution - 1/4 cup vinegar to a quart of water - to stop the bleaching from continuing on.)

While I was doing this, Mrs Notthat was out getting her hair trimmed. Hah.

This is not a trim.

I love her hair when it's short, but she's never been a fan of it. So what changed her mind today? A stylist that was able to talk her into the short hair plus a strong desire to have as low maintenance of hair as possible.

And this is mostly because her and The Boy are leaving Monday for a week in Berlin, Germany. Where they probably don't have things like blow dryers. They are going to a convention of sorts and I am staying home to keep up with the NL West pennant race.

So I will be a bachelor for a week. Idiot Dog Teddy and I will feast on grilled meats and popcorn and Pringles. Nothing good can come of this.

That's it - move along...

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DAK said...

Mrs. That looks fabulous in her new haircut. Very becoming. But all the Berliners have purple spiked hair and studs through their neck. How great to be going there -- and you're home doing the laundry. What's wrong with this picture?