Sunday, July 19, 2009

The grandkids get culture

A brave Mrs Nothat and a couple of even braver friends took the grandkids to the theater last night. The play was Honk, based on The Ugly Duckling.

The grandkids were excited on the way down to San Jose!

This is a bit before the play began. The woman on the right in blue is Sevein (not her real name), one of the brave "gal pals" who came along to help.

The grandkids in their seats along with Yram, the other gullible helper. Riley refused to look through the proper end of the binoculars. By all accounts, both kids were very well behaved during the production - which the parents of a number of older kids could not say. They were seated in the first row of the balcony.

Mrs said that at one point, the Ugly Duckling came towards the audience and asked "Where's my mother?" Riley stood up and pointed and said "Behind that wall!" (which caused many around them to laugh).

Darci posing with the Ugly Duckling's mother after the play. Riley was not interested in posing with any of the actors, and Darci would only pose with the good ones - not the mean ones.

Darci had fallen asleep for part of the play, but both fell asleep at about the same time that Mrs Notthat put the car in drive to leave the parking lot.

By all accounts the evening went great, even considering that the kids were up much later than usual and each had a massive cookie during intermission. Mrs even wants to do this again. And so do the grandkids.

That's it - move along...

PS: The Boy and I stayed home and watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights, a serious look at medieval England and class issues. With many crude jokes and dumb gags, as only a Mel Brooks movie would have. It was great!


Diane said...

Great post, Allen. Thanks! I had a great time.

DAK said...

I think it's important for kids to see real stuff happens on a stage, not just on a TV. Well done you guys. But I loved Robin Hood Men In Tights. The guy who played the Sheriff of RottingHam had a solo Shakespeare show a few years ago which was pretty good, but he still looked like the Sheriff of RottingHam.

mary ann said...

Fun post!