Sunday, July 12, 2009

Missing the Mrs and being a bit kneedy

Mrs Notthat and The Boy have been in Berlin Germany for the week. It sounds like they are doing fine. The weather has not been very nice (cool and rainy) and the food has been interesting, but they have been getting around fine and having a good time.

My initial plan had been to try to do something a bit ambitious at the house while they were gone. A project or two that would surprise them when they returned on Tuesday.

But I found it hard to be ambitious at the end of each work day. That didn't bother me much since I knew I would have the weekend to try to get something accomplished.

And then I played something vaguely like cricket at work on Friday. I work with a number of people from cricket-infested regions of the world, and they decided to try to form a cricket group. Out of the ten of us that showed up on Friday at lunch time, about half were familiar with the game while the other half (including me) had never held a cricket bat before and didn't know the difference between a bail and a stump.

We played on half of the tennis court, hitting tennis balls and using a couple of trash cans as the wickets. It was a lot of fun, although two of us ended up limping a bit off the court. In my case, I made an ill-advised lunge to stop a ball and aggravated my dodgy knee.

This has meant lots of ice and medications and resting this weekend. I did try to wash my car last evening only to find that it was sprinkling - we never get rain this time of year. (Later that evening it started raining pretty hard and I had to scramble to get The Boy's Jeep covered before it got too soaked. This is very weird weather for us.)

So I'm not going to get any ambitious projects done this weekend, and it will be interesting tomorrow when I have to keep up with the grandkids as I try to be Daddy Daycare. The knee felt a bit better this morning, so I did manage to get Idiot Dog Teddy a walk this morning, although it was not nearly as long or aggressive as he would have liked.

Hopefully the knee will be back to normal in a day or two and I can resume my walking training (I missed out on a 20K [11.8 miles] walk on Saturday). One thing I don't think I'll be doing though is working on my bowling technique - I think my cricket playing days are over.

For now. Maybe I'll just hang around the pitch and work on my sledging (trash talking) skills.

That's it - move along...


blogmaid said...

Don't fall over -- I know it's been eons since I left a comment.

I wonder if they have Wii cricket? Bill and I have figured out how to play Wii bowling without standing up, although Ryan beat both of us soundly (twice) last night with her special jumping/twirling technique. I never did find out why the Mrs. and the Boy are in Berlin. Claire was there last week too -- funny if they passed each other unknowingly!

mary ann said...

I can't get too excited about cricket, or soccer, for that matter.
But how about them Giants?