Sunday, May 3, 2009

Walking and walking and shopping

Saturday was filled with two hikes: one early in the morning that was five miles long in the drizzle and another in the afternoon that was about two miles long with Mrs Notthat and IDT.

The first walk was part of my San Jose Fit group. This picture shows most of the walking group (at least those that showed up at 7:30 AM on a non-perky Saturday). In addition to us walkers there are four running groups - about 500 people all together. We are quite a force on the Los Gatos Creek Trail. And probably a big disappointment to the Friday night bars.

Next week we walk six miles, adding a mile per week until we get to thirteen miles. There is also homework to do during the week. For example, I'm supposed to walk 2.5 miles on Monday,  four miles on Wednesday, and three miles on Thursday. It's a bit challenging to find time and motivation to get this done, but so far it's been working out. 

After a bit of a rest, Mrs Notthat, Idiot Dog Teddy, and I headed out to The Baylands trails in Palo Alto for a walk. The Boy and I had been there several times to ride bikes, but this was the first time to walk with the idiot dog. It's a nice change from Bayfront Park where we normally go. I've posted a picture before about this telephone pole farm in the park - it's so odd looking.

Today is a walk-free day. So we went shoe shopping. 

We had both been strongly encouraged to go to a real running shoe store and have a professional poke at our feet and pick out some shoes for us. After walking on a pressure pad and then making a video on a treadmill, the professional told us exactly what sort of shoe we needed (white-ish with weird stripes). 

Eventually we each settled on a pair, picked out some space-age socks and healthy jelly beans, and were done. I spent more money on this pair of shoes than my last four pair combined (I tend to be a bit cheap as you all have probably worked out by now), so this was not an easy process for me. But the last thing I want is a blister or some other shoe-related injury, so it seems worth it. And now that we know what sort of shoe we need, we will each be able to better take advantage of sales in the future.

Although I think my days of $19 shoes are over. 

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

Once you're getting measured for fancy shoes, you have to add another digit (not toe) to the cost. But it's really great that you're doing this. 13 miles? That's half a marathon. Both of you together equals one full marathon. Next you have to swim it.

notthatlucas said...

DAK - Mrs Notthat is not doing the aggressive walking program, so no 13 mile early Saturday walks for her. But she is doing her own, somewhat tamer program.

What sort of shoes would we have to buy to swim it?

mary ann said...

Which shoe store is that and can we see a photo of the shoes? I also think it's GREAT that you are doing this walking thing! Expensive shoes are an investment, not a vanity thing.

notthatlucas said...

The shoes certainly are not a vanity thing - I have no idea why highish end running shoes all have to look so absurd. I'd much prefer something that looked like a pair of plain Converse All Stars.

The one thing these have going for them (and against them) is that they have these orange accents that would look fine at a Giants game. The problem is that orange isn't exactly a neutral color.