Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lego my Eggo

We had the grandkids over on Saturday while WHM interviewed for a school grant. ("Where do you see yourself in ten years, Mrs. WHM?" A bit of a pause, then "With an uncontrollable teenage daughter and a rambunctious son heading to middle school, I'll probably be ready for the nut house, if I'm not already there. Oh wait - you mean professionally. I'll be wherever you think I should be if it gets me this grant.")

Darci showed up with fancy makeup, courtesy of her mother. (Her face is a bit messy due to her insisting on having ketchup with her eggs.)

The kids are currently into Legos. Mrs Notthat became a hero when she brought out her stash which she had built up from garage sales and such over the years. When combined with the Legos from when WHM and The Boy were kids, there was a pretty impressive pile.

There are lots of mysterious specialty parts that were part of odd kits, such as moon rovers and such things. Darci delighted in taking apart these things, handing me the pile of bits, and telling me to put it back together. Needless to say these never got back together.

In any case, they had a lot of fun fooling with these things and I fought my impulse to try and organize the parts by function, size, and weirdness. 

Darci kept saying "Lego my Eggo!" Are these commercials still on? Where had she heard this? Would she put ketchup on an Eggo waffle?

That's it - move along...


mary ann said...

You have cornered the Lego market! Darci is turning into a true beauty, watch out...

briteblackness said...

Lego my Eggo is my doing, as far as the impulse to organize the Lego. I did that to my collection and now I have a hard time sharing those ones with them (I did have a good reason I have a large amount of the itty bitty one and there in a different tackle box)