Friday, May 1, 2009

The Boy's Jeep, some grandkids, and dad news

This post is to catch you up on several fronts. (Yes, I know you had no idea you were behind. Management has been notified and are currently forming a committee to ignore this important issue.)

The Boy got his Jeep on Tuesday afternoon. There have been a few minor surprises with it, but for the most part, it has been working out very well. One of the best bits of news was when he told me that driving 55 on the freeway feels like driving 80 in the Race Car. So he is driving slower (which hopefully means that the CHP will have to look elsewhere to write their tickets).

Unfortunately the weather has not been very conducive to taking the top off, which is OK by me since it will take a bit of planning to work out where to store it. For now, he's OK with that, but if summer-ish weather ever actually gets here, this is going to be a high priority.

This morning the grandkids showed up early, so I made them blueberry pancakes and kept them entertained for a bit while Mrs Notthat got ready for the day.

Darci chose to pretend to drive a car. She seemed to be a safe and courteous driver, although she had little sympathy when Idiot Dog Teddy walked in front of her and she nearly hit him.

I love this picture. Last weekend Darci caught a 24 hour bug and we have all been anxious to see how it will affect Riley. Thursday was his day to fight the fever and by this morning he seemed fine. Even so, it is rare that he would lay down like this for more than 15 to 20 seconds in the morning.

Last weekend my dad ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. Actually, one and a half pneumonia (I made that up based on one lung being filled and the second being half filled, or something like that). They've been having very windy weather which has stirred up lots of dust and such, and that probably played a part in all this.

In any case, he is home now, although he is on oxygen for a month or two and has to reduce his activity level for a bit. That last part is probably the hardest for him - he has a hard time sitting around when there are things to be done, but hopefully mother can get him to take it easy, at least for a few days.

And that's about it. Saturday morning I continue my marathon training, and it will likely be a bit moist out. Maybe that will just encourage me to walk faster. Or maybe it will encourage me to sleep in.

That's it - move along...


mary ann said...

I love the photos and I hope your dad's health improves every day. Your is a fine driver.

DAK said...

That nap with Riley on your belly is the best nap of the day. Sorry to hear about your dad -- pneumonia is no fun, even only 1 1/2 lungs worth. I hope he gets better quickly.