Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Riley wins, we get shaken, and TV show reviews

Following are a few short odds and ends to tide you over until something actually blog-worthy happens (which will be on Friday, almost for sure*).

First, Riley had a doctor visit yesterday. Once it was over, his one question was "do I get to go home?" So many recent office visits have ended up with him spending the night in the hospital that, being able to actually go home afterwards was a novel experience. He's an amazing kid that hopefully can stay reasonably healthy. And get used to going home after seeing a doctor.

Second, we had an extremely minor earthquake on Monday. It was just big enough that you could figure out what it was before it stopped, but small enough that there was no damage. Not that that didn't stop our local TV stations from babbling on and on about how nothing was damaged and how this did not mean that The Big One was going to hold off on giving Nevada ocean-front property any day now.

Third, I have recently discovered two TV shows that are immensely entertaining. 

One is from the BBC, is six years old, and the entire run was only eight shows, each about nine minutes long. It was a spoof of a cooking show called Posh Nosh, currently being shown at odd times on the local PBS station. This is a hard show to describe, other than it is filled with absurd terms (they have interrogated a lemon and embarrassed, then annoyed a batch of vegetables), strange ingredients, and clever subtitles. If you get a chance, watch an episode or two. Just don't expect to actually learn anything about cooking.

The other is a new show on ABC called Better Off Ted. The previews I had seen were not encouraging, but I ended up joining an episode in progress last night and found it to be very good. It was clever, funny, strange, and best of all, did not have a laugh track. I tried to get Mrs Notthat interested in it, but failed. She just kid of shrugged and wandered off.

But I think it's worth checking out. Note that my track record has been that when I start to like a new show, it invariably ends up cancelled within a month or so. 

So don't wait too long. 

That's it - move along... 

*I promise it won't involve a basketball and hope it won't involve a hospital visit. But it could get close to that.


mary ann said...

I think "Better Off Ted" had some good reviews, I'll try to check it out.

DAK said...

Posh Nosh sounds great. I hope Riley stays out of the ER for a long time now. You and Ms. That sound like the greatest grandparents in the world.