Thursday, April 9, 2009

A couple of signs (probably)

Two completely unrelated (probably) items today, neither involving a grandkid (probably).

Yesterday morning Mrs Notthat and I were sitting at the kitchen table when we were threatened by this squirrel.

Seriously, we had just caught this squirrel red pawed with a large chunk of a palm tree in its mouth and he was not amused. The window and screen that separated him from us seemed mighty flimsy when compared to the palm tree that he had (probably) just brought down.

We escaped with our lives by sitting very still. Once the squirrel was satisfied that his threat against us was taken seriously, he turned and left, although he still kept his eye on us, daring us to try to be a hero. My fear is that this is a sign of pending doom as squirrels the world over make their move towards world domination.

(Yes, I know it's possible that this was just a very stupid squirrel that mistook this chunk of palm tree bark for a walnut and was actually just staring at my Cheerios, but he still seemed very menacing.)

If I want to go to my work cafeteria or fitness center, I have to cross a busy ten lane freeway. Fortunately, there is an overpass that I can use. Even better, this overpass has no freeway access so it is fairly safe to walk on.

All freeway overpasses in this area have been used at one time or another to post protest banners related to the current hot topic of the day (such as the war, the global warming crisis, the labradoodle hair trimming crisis, etc.). This overpass is littered with leftover bits and pieces from some of these banners.

What's always amazed me is that the protesters will often use padlocks to secure the banner to the fence, requiring a locksmith to pick the locks and ensuring that it won't easily be taken down. Of course, a reasonably sharp pocket knife can get around that problem.

So why even bother wasting perfectly good padlocks for a job that a tie wrap would be just as effective at? There are probably a dozen of these on this side of the fence.

Nobody ever said that the labradoodle hair trimming lobby was bright.

That's it - move along...(probably)


DAK said...

Dunno about the labradoodles but the squirrels are a serious, serious, serious, serious problem. I would be terrified if I were you. I would probably pray to the Big Squirrel in the Sky. Or write Dear Squabbby.

mary ann said...

You will join the I Hate Squirrels fan group on Facebook, I presume?

notthatlucas said...

I don't hate squirrels so much as fear them. They could use their cuteness to violently take over the world.

And Dear Squabbby is only a front for the deeper cells that are plotting our demise. Once they work out door knobs...