Monday, April 13, 2009

My three day weekend

Last weekend was pretty busy. And productive. I took Friday off with the hopes of getting a lot of house-based chores done this weekend.

This was my workbench in the garage. My first task was to try to make this useful for more than just being a place to stack stuff. It wasn't easy, and the results show a workbench that is still pretty cluttered, but it is worlds better.

Next on the work list was the garden. Mrs Notthat and I headed to the nursery with a short list of vegetable plants to pick up.

Somehow Mrs managed to sneak some non-vegetable plants onto the cart while I wasn't looking.

She also managed to pick out some herbs and such for the deck planter. On the right you can see part of the windbreak I made for our orange tree. Our hope is to keep as many blossoms as we can on it - last year many of them were blown off by our blustery spring. The windbreak may not really make a difference, and could end up getting blown over on top of the tree tomorrow (50 MPH winds are predicted!), but at least the tree seems to be smiling.

Meanwhile here is the real garden with the drip system laid out. We have several types of tomatoes, two kinds of cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins, green beans, Fresno chilies, and snow peas. Within a month we will shake our heads at how we put too much in here, but the homegrown tomatoes will make up for a lot of head shaking.

And as required by grandparent law, here is a token picture of the grandkids.

It's funny that Darci was caught red-handed playing with a toy she outgrew about three years ago.

And that's it. I left out the dog walk, Mrs Notthat having a gaggle of her friends over on Saturday night, and the mandatory time spent watching the final round of the Masters.

And the time spent nursing my sore old body.

That's it - move along...


WHM said...

what a productive weekend! how'd your knee handle all the commotion?

DAK said...

Your workbench gives me hope. I hope my workbench never gets as bad as yours. It can't because I don't have as many things. I guess I need more things! Your grandkids are really beautiful.

mary ann said...

Great job on the work bench AND the garden. Wow, a fence and a drip system.