Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Riley Visits the ER (Again)

This turned out to be a non-serious incident, but it sure didn't seem that way at first. The one thing I learned from this is that ducks are deadly and we should try to eat as many of them as possible. And soon. 

You can read about it and see lots of pictures here on WHM's thing. (Warning, there are also graphic pictures of Riley potty training.)

I loved this picture.

In any case, all is well.

That's it - move along...

PS: No, they did not see the MIA Tim Lincecum at the hospital. What a game last night. Bud needs to come up with better solutions for this sort of issue. Like maybe retiring.


mary ann said...

Good thing that little grand boy is so cute...because, well, you get my drift. I wonder if blaming the ducks is really, shall we say, FAIR?

notthatlucas said...

The ducks are completely to blame for being cute and interesting to toddlers (and tasty too).

Although, to be fair, I can't think of any animal that wouldn't be interesting to toddlers.