Wednesday, July 23, 2008

If you don't use 'em... least have a bit of fun with them.

A co-worker picked up some free tickets to last night's San Jose Giants game. The Boy and I made a valiant effort to use two of them, but circumstances changed our minds.

Freeway traffic was remarkably light which meant we were going to be pretty early for the game. That's a good thing since I like to hit their BBQ (Turkey Mikes) early, before they run out of ribs.

But then traffic stopped when we were about two blocks away. And just sat there.

One of the things I like about San Jose Giants (single A minor league baseball) games is that there is generally plenty of room to roam around and stretch out. There can be lines at the BBQ, but nothing too bad. The heavy traffic meant that there was going to be a large turnout (I guess giving out free tickets does that, although it hasn't done anything like that in the past).

We've gone to a dozen or so games over the last few years, including a playoff game pitched by the SF Giants All Star Tim Lincecum, and we've never had a problem getting a parking space.

There was a problem on Tuesday. By the time we got close enough to see the ball park, the first pitch had been cast and there were a lot of confused people trying to park in alternative lots that are not normally needed. 

This kind of crowd meant that I'd probably not get ribs and we certainly would not be able to relax in our own corner of the bleachers. So we headed home and got burritos.

Tonight I took a look in the garden and found two huge zucchinis that had been hiding. There were cherry tomatoes, green beans, and lemon cucumbers. The pumpkins are getting huge (two are bigger than basketballs - we've never had them that big before).

The garden is still out of control, but it's managing to produce produce, so I am happy to deal with the jungle.

The unused ball game tickets though? Sad.

That's it - move along...

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mary ann said...

Oh, too bad, I was looking forward to your baseball (and food) report!