Saturday, July 26, 2008

Folking Out in Redwood City

Well, since the band was from Seattle, the "folk" in the music had more of a punkish, alternativeish feel than a Peter, Paul, and Maryish feel. The band was Handful of Lovin, a fun and energetic band featuring a violin/fiddle that often reminded me of Jean-Luc Ponty.

But this is not about the music. It's about how Redwood City is trying to get people to regularly come downtown to the Courthouse Square area. This is a fun area that the city has, through the aggressive use of imminent domain (some of which the city was successfully sued over) and lots of redevelopment, made very popular. (I've written before about troubles finding parking on Saturday nights. Parking last night was easy due to Mrs Notthat's knowledge of private parking lots that send their tow trucks home at 6 PM.)

In any case, they have many regularly scheduled concerts, movies, plays, and festivals in this area. For example, tonight you can see a performance of Macbeth. 

Which should go over well with some of the crowd that was at the concert last night. You know, those that hung around the fringes drinking way more adult beverages than was good for them, shouting out helpful advice to the band such as "FRREEEE BIIIRRD," or keeping time (well, some form of time - sadly, nothing related to the song currently being played) by beating empty bottles together.

The lesson is to get there a bit early so you can avoid the fringes. 

And bring your own adult beverages.

That's it - move along...

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mary ann said...

It's great that the Redwoodians gather just like they're supposed to!