Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turkey race take two

This was the day many had been waiting for. Ever since Brazen announced a second turkey-based race and a special medal to commemorate it, the excitement has been mounting.

The day started with another Kid's Fun Run against an inexplicably cocky Brazen Turkey. Not only has this turkey never won the race, it has never beaten anyone. (Yes, it occurs to me that if was able to enter, its chances would improve dramatically.)

These kids are very competitive and really push it. Grandkid Thing 2 is giving it his all.

Grandkid Thing 1 is also flying. Both finished strong and nicely warmed up for their upcoming 5K. The Brazen Turkey, sadly, just barely finished at all. (Click here to see a movie I took of the race. It's rated "F" for "Furious." Click here to see the Nitro kid's race.)

Weird Haired Mom and Thing 2 stayed together for the 5K race. And don't let this blinding exhibition of speed fool you - Thing 2 was determined to walk the whole course. But he understands that you have to run for the camera.

Thing 1, on the other hand, did a LOT of running. This was her first race where she was able to head out mostly on her own, and she loved it. She made friends with probably half the runners on the course and finished strong.

Meanwhile Mrs Notthat and I did the Half Marathon course. This is an easy course - flat, a lot of pavement, little chance of getting lost - which is another way of saying I would normally hate it. But I was nobly willing to overlook all that and focus on the medals.

Mrs Notthat was strong and fast, which was amazing considering she was having serious tummy trouble and probably should not have been out there at all.

These porta-potties at about miles 3.3/10 were lifesavers. (She asked me to apologize to anyone that tried to use these after her.)

For the first time in a couple of years, my right knee started acting up. Dr. Nahom (not his real name or profession) whipped out a bottle of that magic stuff used at all the World Cup matches and sprayed some on my balky knee. I don't know if it or the ibuprofen worked, but within 30 minutes or so the knee was significantly better.

While the course is flat and a lot of time is spent running along a "creek" next to a lot of backyards, there is also a lot of time spent running around Quarry Lakes, which were quite pretty today. Those with good eyes will note the Brazen arch - so close yet so far.

Not only did I get my nifty finisher medals, but I also got a bottle of wine (for wearing that arrow through the head thing on Thursday) and, coolest of all, Marvin the Paranoid Android, made by the awesome Yrrek (not her real name). She's very clever and talented and I NOW HAVE A MARVIN! (While this had nothing to do with the race, I NOW HAVE A MARVIN!)

Momma Woof was also there and again won an age group medal. Ultra Woof did not win an age group medal, so Thing 2 picked her a yellow flower.

This is what the grandkids walked away with after these two turkey races: A medal from each Kid's Race, a medal from each 5K, and a bonus medal to tie the two together. They loved showing people how they went together like a puzzle. They also loved sounding like a herd of cows as they walked around with all of these on.

The somewhat frightening Brazen Rabbit and Not the Canadian - that is one of the greatest costumes ever seen in a trail race!

Who says trail runners aren't competitive?

Or athletic? I have no idea who the people in the above pictures are, but they are typical of what you will find at these races. And they, along with all the fun and enthusiastic volunteers, are what makes these races such a blast, which is why I can't resist doing them.

It was a great set of races and a great way to spend a couple of mornings.


That's it - move along...

PS: You can see more pictures I took here.


Mrs. Notthat said...

Someone might think you like your Marvin...

The Awesome Yrrek said...

I'm glad Marvin went to such a good home. =)

notthatlucas said...

I thought about bringing Marvin into the bedroom last night, but I'm pretty sure Mrs Notthat would not have approved. Plus it would have been creepy with those green eyes just staring all night.

Cranberry Stuffing said...

Fun read, as usual. Thanks for the compliment!

Brazen Rabbit said...

Bring on the cowbell medals! Never can have enough cowbell... :) Hard to beat a weekend with that much hardware and (of course) MARVIN! Lol.

Dr Nahom said...

Glad the good doctor's spray worked!

mary ann said...

I like your brazen reporting, too...