Friday, November 25, 2011

Don't these people know there's football on?

Turkey Day races have become very popular, and why not? On a day known for food (and football), what's not to like about getting in a bit of exercise to help offset what you are about to eat? (Granted, for what I was about to eat, I'd have to do at least a 50K to put any kind of a dent in it.)

We, along with about 600 others, did the Brazen Nitro Turkey race last year and had a blast. There was no way we were going to miss it this year. And then Brazen upped the ante by adding a second turkey-based race and AWESOME bling for those who ran both races - a medal that's a puzzle!

So today, nearly 800 runners came out, braving a threat of rain (it didn't rain on the race, but the early setup people got pretty wet) and skipping a football game so that they could grab the first of the medals.

The Boy has his game face on, as well as my arm sleeves from the Golden Hills Marathon. It was fairly cool so he wanted to try them out (I think he got warmed up and pulled them off around the first mile marker, which is what makes them so useful. The style aspect is just a bonus.)

One of the best things about this race is that there are a LOT of families that show up. I've seen Nivek (not his real name) at dozens of other races, but today I got to meet his family! It was a blast seeing so many kids and others that had probably never done this sort of thing before show up and do the race - lots of walkers (like I was, mostly) enjoying the trails and fun and great post-race food. Well, and the medal.

There were a lot of people with dogs as well, including us with Kaya. It was her first race - we had no doubt that she would handle the 10K fine, but were unsure how she would do around so many other people and dogs. (Spoiler alert: She did great!)

The grandkids, Thing 1 and Thing 2, did the Kid's 100 Yard Fun Run, which involved racing the Brazen Turkey (who really needs to get off the couch and hit the trails - the BT came in last for the third straight year). The race was free and the kids all got medals and goody bags.

The grandkids, along with their parents, then headed out to do the 5K race. Here, Thing 2 (wearing his headband - Thing 1 refused to wear hers due to it not being very aerodynamic) and his dad Needs Cool Name caught up to Kaya and I at about mile 2. Thing 2 was explaining the science of squeezing as much goody out of an aid station as possible.

The startlingly domestic looking Not a Canadian, who had finished her 5K much earlier, was helpfully (HA!) standing at about mile 3, waving a bottle of wine and box of chocolates at the runners, warning them of a slippery muddy stretch just ahead.

I caught up to Ultra Woof and Spammy at the 5K/10K split. We were competing for the coveted Dead Last Finish and by this point were pretty sure we had no other competition.

Kaya made sure I got a good shot at DLF by twice making me grab a bag and clean up her trail gifts.

Ultra Woof took this shot of me at this cute little porta-pottie. (BTW, in case you are curious, the arrow through the head thing worked out great. I mostly forgot it was there until I would see a kid staring at me with grave concern - I had to take it off to convince one boy that it wasn't real.)

Spammy is a born trail runner, making absolutely no effort to avoid puddles. Kaya, on the other hand, mostly avoided them, even though I showed her how it should be done.

I never saw Mrs Notthat after the race started, but fortunately there were several volunteer paparazzi scattered around the course that caught her as she streaked by. She finished the 10K in great shape and had to be restrained to keep her from doing another lap.

Weird Haired Mom and Thing 1 finished together. Thing 1 ran almost the whole 5K, and has declared that her goal is to be able to do exactly that. She's caught the bug.

NCN and Thing 2 finished together. Thing 2's goal is to figure out how to clean out an aid station more effectively.

The Boy, who also did the 10K, just missed setting a PR and finished just under one hour (two seconds under).

And finally, Kaya and I finished. (I love how it looks like I was breaking a ribbon, but actually, I was DLF and the ribbon was from the finish line being taken down.)

We got a nice group picture of our family, the Woofs, the Htenajs (not their real name), and Eam (not her real name) posing with a very tired (but still photogenic) Brazen Turkey.

Momma Woof did the 5K and again scored an age group medal.

To everyone that worked this event, from the Brazen people to all the volunteers, a huge "THANKS!" I know you all must have had your doubts while setting up in the rain. This event was just plain too much fun - lots of runners, lots of cheering, lots of food - what more could anyone want?

Well, the other bits of that medal. See you all on Saturday!

That's it - move along...

PS: Click here for a lot more pictures.


Anonymous said...

What is football? Don't you mean rugby? Great post, especially as I am featured once again! ; ) N-A-C

Mrs. Notthat said...

Great blog! Thanks for taking care of Kaya and letting me go for it!

mary ann said...

Yes, those sleeves are fashionable indeed. It's great that Kaya is so good with other dogs, what a relief for you. Too bad she hasn't learned to roll around in the mud, but she will, she will...loved this post and seeing all your family including both Things now running.

Brazen Rabbit said...

Was AWESOME to see all the familiar folks yesterday!
Definitely a thank-full day. :)