Saturday, July 2, 2011

"R" word free, but...

I cannot believe how far behind I have gotten on non-ummm, ironing-based posts. I promise to get better now that it's summer and my work schedule has become a bit less all-consuming.

So I went back through all the pictures since my last r-word free post (a month ago!) and will now get you all caught up. More or less.

There are lots of snarky things I could say about this picture, but the truth is that Mrs Notthat is determined to get her money's worth out of her compostable recycling dollar. One day I expect to come home to find the yard waste truck on its side in front of our house from trying to pick up one of these bins.

The Boy joined the Dark Side and bought a pair of these weird "shoes." I'm not sure if he has actually taken them out on the trail yet, but he and the Brazen Rabbit are thrilled.

Mrs Notthat and The Boy decided it was time to trim his cat's claws. The cat thinks her claws are perfect just the way they are - deadly.

Mrs Notthat consoling the cat, explaining that the trimming was for her own good. Meanwhile, the cat was thinking "I know where you sleep and where you keep your shoes. I will get my revenge!" She was not a happy kitty.

The whole kids graduating from every little thing has gotten WAY out of hand. Well, unless it involves a grandkid, and then it's perfectly fine. Riley graduated from preschool. The caps and gowns were a bit over the top, but I love this look.

I'm not sure what is up with this picture, but judging by how many have their finger in the area of their nose, I'm hoping that they were told to do that. (Riley's hand - upper-left - is up no doubt to ask if he can put his finger on his buddy's nose.)

Nicely done Riley! Now go get a job.

The whole grandkid family. (Darci REALLY wants that hat.)

Riley's page in the yearbook (!). Nice honest answers. Caltrain better start planning to hire him soon.

OK - here's where the R-word free bit is going to get a bit tricky.

It was really weird watching Mrs Notthat and The Boy getting bibbed up for an "ironing" competition while I sat there in my PJs. This was the morning after I got back late from my day at the Western States Last Chance aid station, and I was in no shape to go out and do any ironing.

Both grandkids did a bit of ironing too.

Mrs Notthat finishing strong, putting in a crease so sharp she set a personal record!

The Boy and Mrs Notthat swapping ironing tips - something about spray starch and the heat settings no doubt.

Mrs Notthat, Riley, and Weird Haired Mom doing a bit of posing.

Riley, an ironing friend, and Darci after the kid's event.

This is from last night. There is a picnic today and it is supposed to be hot. So Mrs Notthat and the grandkids spent some time filling water balloons. The grandkids loved doing this (and judging by all the water around them, were only having partial success at not "accidentally" dropping them at each other).

They were proud of the water balloon survivors, which they decided were dinosaur eggs.

And that's about it. R-word free! Kind of.

Hopefully everyone has a great holiday weekend. It's not going to be ironing-free for us (yay!), but it will have some non-ironing based activities as well (the traditional Redwood City Battle of the Bands on Monday is an event not to be missed - we love watching the goofy Stanford and Cal-Davis bands try to out-weird each other).

And of course, if you see a green dinosaur egg coming at you, DUCK!

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

Glad to hear you're ironing this weekend. I love Riley's answers to his questions, especially "playing." Maybe the cap and gown thing makes them think they want a whole bunch more of them, and then maybe the Supreme Court. Isabella wore one last week too.

DAK said...

...forgot the Nancy Kerrigan look that Darci had on in the picture with the three kids. Priceless.

mary ann said...

Love the graduation photos and the cat wrapped like a burrito too. The accidental dropping of water balloons is also v. funny. Have a good iron...

Beth said...

I love the one of Mrs. giving that ironing board a real smack down! I would love to finish up my ironing looking that strong! I have a whole mess of it to get done in the morning : )