Sunday, February 20, 2011

A toothless 39 Step anniversary

Finally - a post with no pictures of sweaty runners or stunning views. You're welcome.

I came home from work the other day to see this. The grandkids had picked a bunch of oxalis (a weed that has taken over our garden, at least until we get around to trying to pretend to take the garden back) and used a bunch of rocks to create this. "It's a nest" Mrs Notthat explained to me. "Why is it shaped like a foot?" I asked. "It's probably a dinosaur. Or train."

Completely unrelated (probably), Darci lost her third tooth. She was quite proud of this.

Completely unrelated (probably), this happened on Valentine's Day. Here she is going through her goody bag.

Weird Haired Mom is helping Riley go through his goody box from his preschool.

Also completely unrelated, Friday was Mrs Notthat's and The Blog's 28th anniversary. Here, Mrs Notthat is putting on my ring at a very low-key ceremony with Ydna (not his real name) as the Best Man and DUUAAAANNN, Mrs' sister, as the Best Woman.

Wow. It would be interesting to re-stage this picture today. I wouldn't be recognizable, but Mrs has not changed at all. (Well, her glasses are much more stylish now. But that's about it.)

Friday night Mrs and I went to a nice dinner at The Fish Market in Palo Alto, then headed down to Mountain View to see The 39 Steps - a spoof of sorts of the Hitchcock movie. It has a lot of silly bits (Yay!), but what was cool was that the 20 or so characters in the play are played by these four people; often they would be playing multiple characters on the stage at the same time. You can read Plotnik's review to get a better idea of what was going on, but it really was goofy fun.

And that's about it for now. This afternoon we do Pansy Day (thank you Blogmaid for that name) - an anniversary gift thing that involves the whole family. It will be a bloggable event with even more non-trail related pictures.

And for those that like the trail-related pictures, The Blog will resume its normal broadcast schedule soon. Hopefully next weekend. Unless snow shoes are required, which is weirdly entirely possible.

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

OXALIS AIIIIII YEEEEE! Also, Darci looks strangely lovely without a front tooth. Also, you two are completely recognizable from a mere 28 years ago. One of you is a little, well, ykrod (not his real name), but, hey. DUAAANNNN had really curly hair.
In conclusion, it's a pleasure to read a posting that isn't about mud.

Mrs. Notthat said...

Hey Doug thanks for saying we are still recognizable after 28 years, glad you didn't add but not by much! My sis has always had all those curls but I didn't get any. She tries to straighten her hair and I try to curl mine.

mary ann said...

I love this post too ~ starting with the weed foot art and then those great photos from 28 years ago. One of you looks (redlo) but it isn't the pretty one. Those are v. cute.