Saturday, February 19, 2011

Staying hydrated wasn't much of an issue

Weird Haired Mom and I volunteered at the moist Brazen Bay Breeze race today.

WHM worked the registration table and so was around the start/finish line. Veteran Breeze runners will note that the arch was not on the grass as usual, mostly because the grass was deceptively soggy, and after what happened at the Lake Chabot New Years run, they wisely chose to put it over the less soggy trail.

WHM and Brazen Hussy Eiram (not her real name) pretending to enjoy the rain. (Actually, I think BH Eiram does enjoy it.)

A decidedly fuzzy looking Mr Brazen. Like the new look! I failed to get Mrs Brazen's opinion though.

Here is the first aid station (for 10K and Half Marathon runners) making its way out to the 1.5 mile marker, along with volunteers Evets and Werdna (not their real names). Note that it looks like the sun is shining. (Also note that you cannot see the coastal mountains that should be visible off to the left.)

The sun bravely making a (brief) showing.

The aid station is set up and ready to go. This was the calm before the storm (both literally, with the rain that was coming, and figuratively, with the hundreds of runners thundering towards us).

Walking Ynnod powering along the trail.

There was a short period of time where a rainbow appeared over the finish line. The pot of gold was filled with It's-It ice cream bars. (We could have made a killing selling hot chocolate or coffee at this aid station.)

We now fast forward to the end of the race. The course was an out-and-back which means that while our aid station was the first one up, it was also the last one down. We didn't know how many runners were still out there when Ahtreb showed up. She was our favorite runner since she told us there were no more runners behind her.

It took little time to take down the aid station, although that meant loading up that cart and pushing it back to the start/finish area. (We had a lot of left over water - go figure - that ended up getting a nice 5K out-and-back ride.)

A tired and wet, but happy me back at the start/finish area.

BH Eiram finding a dry place to hide. (Actually, she was nobly searching for shirts for us volunteers that didn't make it back before things had been packed away.)

And that's about it. Yes, it was cold and wet standing at that aid station handing out water and sports drink, but it was still a blast catching a buzz from the many enthusiastic runners going by. Most were perky and having a good time in spite of (and for a few weirdos, because of) the weather. It wasn't a muddy course, although there was some puddle avoidance you had to do, plus one of the bridges was particularly slippery and caused several runners to fall.

And now it's time to focus all my thoughts to a dry Brazen Mt Diablo race next month. For those with short memories, here is what it was like back in November. It is almost guaranteed to be better this time. Certainly the creeks will be higher!

That's it - move along...

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