Monday, November 22, 2010

Rocking out, picking out, and getting goosed

Some fun things from our weekend...

A brave group of us went for a hike to my favorite place on Saturday morning - Castle Rock State Park. It was 37 degrees and foggy when we started.

This was the parking lot. We had very little competition on the trails.

Large parts of the trail are very rock-infested. Above are Mrs Notthat, Llib, Akna (Uidualc's wife), and Uidualc (not their real names) strolling out of the fog. (Note: I am not going to mention that Werdna stayed home in a nice warm bed. I will mention that Laup had an actual excuse for not being there.)

A rare shot of me out on the trail (thanks to Llib). Note that I'm the only one wearing shorts - it's possible my brain might have it's laces a bit too tight. Or loose.

Mrs Notthat and I posing. (While I may have used questionable judgement by wearing shorts, I did think to wear a rain jacket. Also, I thought to bring gloves, but Mrs Notthat didn't. Note who is wearing the gloves. I am nothing if not a gentleman. Sort of.)

It rained on us for the last half of the hike, but since rocks don't get all mucky and muddy when they're exposed to a bit of moisture, we didn't get very messy. I was too cold to be disappointed (it warmed all the way up to 39 degrees by the time we were done).

On the way home in the driving rain I got to pass the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile on the freeway. That made up for the lack of mud.

One fun thing - I have this week off! Not that we are dong anything productive with it, but not having to go to work meant I got to be home today when the grandkids came over.

We are supposed to have a strong frost either tonight or tomorrow night, so we went out to pick all the tomatoes, whether they were ripe or not. Darci found a non-tomato item that should not have been in the garden.

Riley admitted to putting that non-tomato thing in the garden.

Once the tomatoes were safely in the house, we mowed the lawn and got out the croquet set. This is the closest they have ever come to actually playing something that vaguely resembles croquet.

Then The Boy and I headed out to Bayfront to run a few hills. Here he is bravely challenging a goose. (There were a LOT of geese out there. We passed one gang of thug geese that hissed at us, which rattled me a bit. Just before we headed up this hill, The Boy told me that if the geese turned on him, he was going to fly back down and I would be on my own. Like I would let him get by me.)

When we got home, Darci, dressed quite formally, and I baked pumpkin cookies. She made sure I didn't sneak in any broccoli.

We then spent some time discussing race strategy. On Thursday, the grandkids are going to race a seven-foot-tall turkey. They are both determined to win. (Mrs Notthat, The Boy, his girlfriend The Big Wind, and the grandkids' dad Needs Cool Name will all then take part in a proper race afterwards while I hang with the grandkids, trying to keep them from hurting the turkey.)

This week could turn out to be quite blogable. Hopefully.

That's it - move along...

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Mrs. Notthat said...

It amazing how once you are moving good it doesn't seem that cold.

You are so patient with the gkids. What a good grandpa and Dad going running with the boy!