Saturday, November 6, 2010

The circus came to town

The Blog is a little behind in getting out some pictures, so this is going to be a little all over the place. And a bit dated.

Hey! The Giants are going to the World Series!

In order to enhance the Giants chances against the Texas Rangers, I set this up at work. It's not much, but work has been hectic so it will have to do.

But before we talk about the circus that is the World Series, there was another circus that came to town - the Zoppe Family Circus. This is a very kid-friendly circus that had a lot of traditional acts (dogs, horses, acrobats, jugglers) but with a low-key feel.

At halftime they brought out a tiny pony that the kids could pet and get their picture taken with.

I don't remember what everyone was so focused on, but judging by Riley, it must not have smelled good.

Meanwhile, the Giants won a game or two in the World Series. Careful examination of 911 calls in the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth Area showed a 34% increase in 911 calls at 8:52 during the first game due to rabid Ranger fans choking on their BBQ.

So we went for a hike.

And I worked an aid station at the Silicon Valley Marathon where the Joe Montana of the running world, Dean Karnazes, showed up dressed as Pheidippides, the guy that ran that first marathon about 2500 years ago, bringing the news to Athens that he had found the perfect giro.

Staying in character, Dean ate watermelon, but wrapped it grape leaves first.

After the race was over, Mrs Notthat and I headed to San Jose to see the Beatles, or at least the closest thing to them you can see now. It was a group called Rain, and they did indeed sound VERY much like the originals (the guy playing John was uncannily good at looking and singing the part). However, since we had third row seats, we were close enough to see that, well, no - these were not the Beatles at all. (The guy playing Paul taught himself to play left-handed so that he would be more accurate.)

This concert was going on during game five of the World Series. At intermission, a guy about five rows back yelled out "Giants up two to nothing in the fifth!" as soon as the curtain hit the stage. Dozens of people recording the game to watch later glared at him while others started putting on their orange and black face paint.

The stupid hamster we have been watching for the last month, here in a stare down with Sophia (wonder dog of Irbua, not her real name, but whose real name means "The Great Wind" or something like that in Persian or Greek or one of those non-English languages, and who will henceforth be known as The Great Wind [TGW] in this blog), managed to escape from its cage again, just days before being reunited with its owners. It chewed a hole in the metal screen. Once again, I managed to trap it in the laundry room and lure it out with a freshly picked carrot. The good news is that it is now back home, where it can chew as many holes in the screen as it wants.

And then there was the magic that was Monday night. The Giants beat the Rangers again and broke their string of 52 years in San Francisco without having an excuse to strut down Market Street while waving their thongs.

Lots of people, estimates run from a couple of hundred (thanks FOX News) to over a million, showed up for the victory parade.

It was an amazing day and an amazing World Series (unless you wear a cowboy hat and have a pair of steer horns strapped to the front of your pickup truck or live anywhere east of the Mississippi). World Series winners always have high hopes for next year, but rarely do they pan out. Ask the Yankees. The Giants have high hopes too, and maybe they really can do this again, but it will be tough.

One thing's for certain; there will be "Rally Thong" days at the park next year. Rally towels are so 2010.

That's it - move along...

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DAK said...

When our kids were little there was a little circus that traveled around and came to various Latino neighborhoods in LA once or twice a year. It was the very best -- low key, silly, amazing amounts of fun for little kids especially. So, is baseball season over yet?