Sunday, September 26, 2010

Riley and Dove steal the show

First, we have this really odd Riley picture.

I'm sure this was his idea, but MAN does that look uncomfortable. (And that is Sophia the Wonder Mutt, Irbua's mop, marveling at the strangeness of that boy.) Mrs Notthat appears to be encouraging this behavior. Weird.

The Boy, in what might come back to haunt us later, taught Riley to use the leaf blower. (He taught him so well that the thing does not work any more. The hedge trimmers and weed whacker are now hanging up a bit higher and out of reach. But then Riley knows about ladders...)

The grandkids and their parents went on a camping trip (with a bunch of others from Darci's school) for the weekend. So we volunteered to watch their uber-hyper dog Dove. Long-time readers will remember our old emergency backup dog, Belle. Dove is like a slightly bigger version of Belle. Sadly, she is no smarter that Belle was.

It was a bit of a trick to get a picture of her resting like this - her normal mode is bouncing off the walls, chairs, tables, legs - anything was fair game.

Now this picture is more like it. (It was fun to throw the ball into the grass - she does not like walking on the wet grass and would do this fun little prancing thing.)

Dove stayed over for two nights, and all in all, it went fine. It was a tough adjustment for us to get used to having an over-cafeinated  ball of energy running around, and she managed to get loose a couple of times, but we somehow managed to survive her.

The one thing this did was convince me that small hyper dogs are not something I want to make a long term investment in - I really like the mellowness of Teddy.

That's it - move along...

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