Monday, September 6, 2010

A cat, lots of tomatoes, and a missing tooth

In an effort to torment grandkid Darci, I'm not going to mention her big news for a bit.

We'll start with The Boy's weird cat. She is fascinated with drinking from my water cup. Even funnier is when she dips her paw in it, pulls it out, then licks it. We've ended up giving her her own cup to drink from. Weird cat.

We've been having some warm weather, and our tomato plants are proof. I went out Sunday morning and picked all these (plus two lemon cucumbers). I made a LOT of salsa and gave a lot of them away, and we still have a bunch left. Plus, many more have ripened in the last couple of days so I need to get back out there. I don't remember us having such a tomato bounty before. (And I'm NOT complaining!)

Weird Haired Mom and the grandkids came over Sunday afternoon. Naturally we had to mow the back yard, with them taking turns sitting on the mower. I keep thinking they will get bored with this, but they still fight over who got the longest ride. I don't get it (but then I get very little that the grandkids do).

Darci tried her best to spin this chair swing and get WHM sick, but it didn't work.

Riley went back to setting up the tubes and kicking them over. I love how he is protecting his face in this picture - the kid has learned!

OK, the big Darci news - she lost her first tooth on Saturday! She was very excited about it (judging by how she would say things like "I can't believe I lost a tooth!" every five or ten minutes), but a bit bummed it didn't happen at school, where they apparently make a big deal out of it. (In a fun coincidence, her friend Camren lost her first tooth today!)

Riley proving he still has all of his teeth. And a weird haircut.

We all then took Teddy for a walk at Bayfront park. We started by walking along the bay inlet, looking for rocks to throw into it.

We then spent a fair amount of time climbing around on the various rock formations that have been cleaned up a bit and had explanation signs added. Fortunately they are not close enough to the water to be tempting to toss in.

Apparently they were not tired enough after the long walk, so they set up an obstacle course in the backyard and ran a few races.

That seemed to wear everyone out finally.

Mostly me.

That's it - move along...


mary ann said...

Great ~ I enjoyed this fun post. Love the cat and tomatoes this summer.

DAK said...

Kids look like kids after they lose their first tooth. They are growing up so fast, it's amazing. I'm envious of your tomatoes and having your grandkids to ride on your mower.