Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A topless Jeep, happy dogs, and many presents

This post is going to cover three "events" of the last week. (It's actually been kind of boring, so what passes as an event may seem a bit dull to normal people. Sorry.)

The Boy decided winter was over (and to his credit, we had a whole week without rain and temperatures in the low 80s) and it was time to remove the top from his Jeep. Somehow, he managed to do this on his own. This picture gives you an idea of what the lift kit did - he is able to almost sit up under it.

Here he is installing the last part of the lift kit - some sort of steering support sort of thing that was to take 30 minutes to install that ended up taking a whole lot longer. Also note his wearing of highly specialized and completely appropriate mechanic clothing.

But this is his Jeep today. It has been raining off and on all week. He is now talking about putting the top back on tomorrow. (Which we all think is a great idea since that would almost certainly mean that summer would show up the next day.)

Completely unrelated, we had a stunning dog-related occurrence: Idiot Dog Teddy met a large dog that he did not immediately want to pick a fight with.

Actually, there are three dogs in this picture: Sophia is the one sitting on The Boy's lap (the dog of Irbua - not her real name) and the white dog is Pearl (the dog of Anomar, Irbua's mom).

Pearl is an amazingly pretty German Shepherd. IDT is almost 12 years old, and in those 12 years, he has never tolerated any other dog larger than a bread box. It is hard to overstate how stunning it was that Pearl and IDT got along so well. My guess is that IDT was in love.

Completely unrelated to this, but still having a bit of dog in it, we finally had our Pansy Day last Saturday. Pansy Day is when we celebrate our wedding anniversary. In this case, we are a bit over a month late, but that didn't make it any less fun.

Riley and Darci were extremely excited.

So were Chicken Hawk Dove, the grandkid's dog, and IDT. I cooked them each a beef rib to gnaw on so they would stay of out of trouble while the presents were opened.

Back inside, presents were being opened.

The Boy with a shirt pulling for the German team in this summer's World Cup.

Mrs Notthat modeling a scarf sort of thing made by Weird Haired Mom.

Weird Haired Mom taking a picture of Needs Cool Name.

Darci with a fun shirt.

Riley with a Wall-E hat and Speed Racer sunglasses.

WHM showing her true colors, and Chicken Hawk Dove wearing a truly embarrassing outfit.

And finally, an actual pansy sort of thing (it's actually an orchid that looks a lot like a pansy).

And that's about it. I guess it wasn't such a dull week after all. And I can't wait for the summer that will get here once The Boy gets that top back on.

That's it - move along...


DAK said...

I'm confused. Why do other people get all those presents on your Pansy Day? And three dogs in one house and no fights? You are obviously not telling the whole story.

I'll give you my baseball predictions shortly.

notthatlucas said...

As far as the presents thing, it started when our kids were little and we wanted them to have some fun too. It's just kind of grown from there.

Sophia is kind of a regular at our place, and she hangs with Pearl all the time, so she put in a good word with Teddy and he managed to be on his best behavior. It doesn't hurt that Pearl is hot.

mary ann said...

My favorite photo is the one of your curly haired daughter (not her real hair) and the adorable dog. I also LOVE the Wall-E hat and the new scarf.