Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hair, garden, and a Dove

Mrs Notthat got a haircut a few days ago.

She shocked us nearly a year ago when she got it cut pretty short just before heading to Germany, but this is much shorter. And it's great looking! And it's low maintenance, which is a good thing when the grandkids are around.

The weather has been nice, so lots of time has been spent outside. Here the grandkids are pulling weeds in the garden. For whatever reason, they both seem to have more fun stomping on the weeds in the bucket than actually pulling them up, but it all helps (although there are a LOT of weeds to pull - the winter rains were very kind to them).

To make things a bit more exciting, the grandkids now have a new dog sort of thing named Dove.

This is WHM holding Dove at this weekend's Diablo race.

And here Dove is patrolling the backyard, protecting the kids from random wildlife, real and imagined. Our own dog, Idiot Dog Teddy, is really being tested by this new addition. Dove is a LOT like our old emergency backup dog, Belle - high energy, fearless, willing to bark at anything, and dumb as toast, but about twice as big as Belle. She reminds me more of that chicken hawk in those old Foghorn Leghorn cartoons than any dove I have ever seen.

Teddy mostly ignores her, but Chicken Hawk Dove (CHD) is determined to not make that easy. Hopefully she will mellow a bit as she gets used to him, but for now, I would not blame IDT for enjoying a tasty snack.

That's it - move along...

PS: The Boy, in an effort to guarantee rain, took the top off his Jeep this weekend. It is now cloudy and has cooled off by 10 to 15 degrees.


DAK said...

Love the haircut Mrs. NT. Perhaps CHD will prove to be excellent comfort for IDT if WHM brings him over to play with NT and MNT.

notthatlucas said...

Wow - I think you got all of that exactly right! I guess I've got to work harder to make this more difficult to understand.

mary ann said...

Beautiful hair and I Love Dove.